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Edge of the Empire Pregens

The EDGE OF THE EMPIRE Roleplaying Game focuses on the grim and gritty portions of the Star Wars universe. Characters exist in places where morality is gray and nothing is certain, highlighting those who live on the fringes of both the galaxy and its society. In an EDGE OF THE EMPIRE campaign, bounty hunters, smugglers, mercenaries, and explorers not only rub elbows with doctors, politicians, and scholars but also find themselves thrust into adventures together with them. During these adventures, the characters will often find themselves facing any number of challenges, from repairing their damaged starship or slicing their way past a security panel to exchanging blaster fire with hired guns out to collect a bounty. The characters must rely on their innate abilities, trained skills, and special talents to survive.

The Bounty Hunter

The name says it all: this is a hunter who seeks to collect bounties for his work. Bounty Hunters tend to be feared, reviled, looked down upon and in great demand throughout the galaxy. They are expert trackers, brutal combatants, and effective investigators. They tend to prefer skulduggery, stealth, and traps over frontal assaults, but the most respected Bounty Hunters will do whatever it takes to catch their quarries and collect their fees. Bounty Hunters generally fall within three categories: Imperial Bounty Hunters, Guild Bounty Hunters, or Independents. Imperial Bounty Hunters are essentially on permanent contract to' the Imperial Security Bureau (or a similar arm of Imperial law), and they never take assignments from corporations, smaller governments, or individuals. They are highly trusted members of the extended law-enforcement community of the Empire, usually ex-military personnel that prefer a less-regimented (if possibly dangerous) way to serve.


The Colonist

In a way, Colonists are the most out of place people in the Outer Rim. They are most often from the Core Worlds, where they were well educated and part of the cultural and professional elite. A Colonist doesn't tend to have the training to survive in areas of high conflict, and he isn't particularly adept at physical exploits.


The Explorer

The Empire is vast, but it is a mere fraction of the galaxy, and the Explorer seeks to uncover the countless mysteries and opportunities the universe contains. Explorers are both vitally important and insidiously dangerous to the New Order; on the one hand, they reveal information, trade routes, and resources that are deeply coveted by the Empire, and on the other hand, they expand the ranges into which rebels, criminals, and iconoclasts can spread out and avoid Imperial might.


The Hired Gun

When it comes to fighting, the Hired Gun is at the forefront. He's less of an independent operator than the Bounty Hunter, preferring to have a defined mission, an objective to achieve, and some credits to spend when the job is done. Hired Guns are muscle and applied force, meant to defend or attack as the situation requires. They deal damage or protect others for credits, and this makes them simple and sometimes refreshingly direct


The Smuggler

Though they spend most of their lives struggling to avoid Imperial entanglements, keeping their ships flying, dodging blaster fire, and having enough to eat, Smugglers are often seen as the freest beings in the galaxy. They travel the hyperspace lanes, system to system, planet to planet, bringing what people want and need (and cannot get through legitimate means).


The Technician

Pretty much anything to do with technology or mechanical devices lies within the Technician's purview. He knows how to operate, maintain, repair, and upgrade just about anything with power or gears. Most Technicians would rather deal with machines and droids than people; the latter are just too unpredictable. Technicians can be found almost anywhere, at any tier of society or in any location where there's even a few machines. Formality even cleanliness tends to fall far outside their daily concerns. They usually smell of some kind of grease, solvent, or other substance that's used on machines, and even their cleanest clothes are seldom free from stains. Even those Technicians that move among the higher echelons come off as rumpled and slouching; it's just not in their nature to put on a professional front. They let their work speak for itself.


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