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What are Factions

In Legends of the Galaxy your character can belong to a faction.  A faction is an organization or an organization in an organization that your character owes Obligation or Duty towards.  It helps enhance and focus the roleplaying experience and makes it easier for a Game Master to tie story elements that involve your character to the overall adventure they are running.  Factions might represent the Hutt Kajidic you are forced to work for, or the division of the rebellion you take direct orders from, or the force tradition that your character best identifies themselves as following.

A great example of how your Faction can come into play is seen in the The Star Wars Story Rogue One when Cassian is given orders to accompany Jyn Erso to locate and recover her father by Mon Mothma.  However Rebel Intelligence gives Cassian Andor an alternative order to assassinate Galen Erso rather than follow Mon Mothma's orders to bring him to the Rebellion so she can bring him before the Imperial Senate to instill change in the Galactic Empire.

When you select a Faction you also gain a member of that faction as a contact.  For the example of Force Traditions you own a Holocron from that force tradition or gain a mentor from your chosen Force Tradition.  Contact's may be called upon by flipping a light side destiny token during game play.  They can provide helpful information, warn you of impending threats, and be there during mission briefings to send you on your way.

Edge of the Empire: Obligation Factions

D100 Faction Name Benefit
01-15 The Baron's Intelligence Network If you owe obligation to the Baron's Intelligence Network you gain, The Baron as a contact. 
16-25 Maz Kanata's Pirate Group If you owe obligation to the Maz Kanata's pirate organization you gain, Maz Kanata as a contact. 
26-35 The Veiled Sorority If you owe obligation to the Pirates known as the Veiled Sorority you gain, The Pirate Queen as a contact. 
36-45 Black Sun If you owe obligation to the The Black Sun you gain, Guri the Human Replica Droid as a contact. 
46-55 Gorensla Hutt Kajidic If you owe Obligation to the Gorensla Hutt Kajidic you gain either Bargos the Hutt, Zajha the Hutt (Fire Across the Galaxy), or Sinasu the Hutt as an underworld contact. 
56-65 IsoTech If you owe Obligation to IsoTech then you gain Reom as your contact. 
66-65 Taggart Transportation If you owe Obligation to the Taggart Transportation Smuggling Ring then you gain James Taggart as a contact. 
66-75 Crimson Spear
If you owe Obligation to the Crimson Spear (Fire Across the Galaxy) you gain Cororkh the Trandoshan Pirate Lord as a contact.
76-85 Sable & Gebu Trading Company If you owe obligation to Sable and Gebu Trading Company (Fire Across the Galaxy) you gain Sable the former Clone Commander of the Grand Army of the Republic as a contact.
86-98 Bounty Hunter's Guild If you owe obligation to the Bounty Hunter's Guild you become a Registered Bounty Hunter and may join one of the Bounty Hunter Guilds (Crimson Nova, House Benelex, House Neuvalis House Paramexor, House Renliss, House Salaktori, House Tresario, Mantis Syndicate, Ragnar Syndicate, Skine Bounty Hunter College, Slaver Syndicate) You gain an Imperial IPKC Bounty Hunter License.
99-100 Roll Twice You owe obligation to 2 factions. Roll Twice on the table.

Age of Rebellion: Duty Factions

D100 Faction Name Benefit
01-10 Rebel High Council If you owe Duty to the Rebellion's High Council then you gain Mon Mothma or the Cathar General Gorath as a contact. 
11-20 Rebel Intelligence If you have Duty to Rebel Intelligence then you gain General Draven as a contact. 
21-30 Alliance Fleet If you have Duty to the Alliance Fleet Command then you gain Admiral Ackbar as a contact. 
31-40 Starfighter Command If you owe Duty to the Starfighter Command you gain General Stacey Devereaux of Phoenix Squadron as you wing commander and as a contact. 
41-50 Rebel Base Command If you owe your duty to Rebel Base Command then you gain Admiral Kalavichie as a contact.
51-60 Rebel SpecForce You owe Duty to the Rebel SpecForces. You are often assigned High Risk Missions to conduct. You begin play with Aganazor as your contact.
61-70 Rebel Support Services If you owe your duty to the Rebel Support Services then you gain Roger Wilco as a contact.
71-80 Rebel Operatives If you owe your duty to Rebel Operatives you are considered a Rebel Agent you gain false credentials as an equipment reward for your undercover operations.
81-90 Imperial Spy If you owe your duty to the Galactic Empire as an Imperial Spy you gain Grand Admiral Thrawn as a contact.  (Please note if you are an Imperial Spy you are still not allowed to be disruptive at a table and ruin anyone's fun)
91-100 Roll Twice You owe Duty to 2 different factions. Roll Twice on the table.

Force and Destiny: Force Traditions

D100 Force Tradition Benefit
01-30 The Jedi Order If you select the Jedi Order as your Force Tradition then you see your force sensitive character as a future member of this ancient order. You gain a Holocron as a story reward and must uphold the principles of the Jedi Code.  Your weapon of choice is a Lightsaber.
31-45 Church of the Force If you see yourself as a follower of the Church of the Force then you begin play with Hethan Romund as your Mentor.  You see yourself as a member of the Church of the Force with a mission to preserve the ancient lore of the various Force Traditions and will protect them from the Galactic Empire's quest to destroy them.
46-55 The Guardians of the Whills
If you see yourself as a member of the Guardians of the Whills then you dedicated your life to protecting the temple of the Whills.  
56-60 Kilian Rangers
If you identify yourself with the Kilian Ranger Force Tradition then you follow their code of protecting the weak from the evil in the Galaxy.  Your weapons of choice are an Energy Shield Gauntlet and a Siang Lance Blaster Rifle.  
61-70 Jensaarai Order
If you identify yourself with the Jensaarai Order. Jensaarai like to create armor which resemble some creature in the galaxy that you connect with.  They use lightsabers.  If you follow the Jensaarai Order as a Force Tradition and practice both the Light Side and Dark Side of the Force.
71-82 Bendu
If you identify your character as a Bendu the one in the middle you are a Grey Jedi then you believe in the cosmic force and listen to the Will of the Force.  
81-90 Baran Do Sage
If you see yourself as a follower of the Baran Do Sage Order you are a Kel Dor who uses their force abilities to predict the future to prevent tragedies from occurring.
91-100 Dathomir Witch
If you see yourself as a Dathomir Witch then you are a follower of a Force Tradition that uses the Force in more Magical Ways.
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Baroon Saa