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GM Adventure Reporting

Adventure Logs

Once you’ve completed an Adventure and filled out everyone’s Adventure Logs, someone needs to report the results of the Adventure.  For home games, GMs are always responsible for reporting their adventure results. For convention games and retail store games, the event coordinator is responsible for the adventure reporting.  Whether you’re running a game at home or at an event, you should fill out your own copy of an Adventure Log sheet for each session you run.  You should note the names of your various players, what character they played.  It is also helpful if you can get their e-mail address as it helps you send reminders out to the players for your next event.

Reporting Adventure Results

Now you are ready to report your results to Legends of the Galaxy.  The purpose of reporting an adventure to Legends of the Galaxy is it allows our story team to know what happened at events all across the world.  The Story Team will take a look at these results and use the common results to determine future stories in future seasons.

Follow the instructions carefully, and enter the relevant information onto the form on the website. You might notice that we need far less information than a character’s Adventure Log contains. This information is for event coordinators at stores and conventions, who are generally responsible for printing and distributing pre-generated character sheets, Adventure Logs, and other materials. In retail games and at small conventions, the coordinator might also be a GM.

Please note that adventure reporting should be done in a complete manner. Noting the story rewards as I do not remember is not a valid adventure report and will not earn you credit towards the GM Legendary Awards program.

Report your Adventure

Regardless of the location of play, don’t forget to report your results. It’s very important to the overall success of Legends of the Galaxy Roleplaying Experience Events!

You can also email your results here:  [email protected]

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