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Our First Session

We kicked off Legends of the Galaxy running several fun adventures.

Age of Rebellion

Rebel Break Out:

Our HEROES joined the Rebel Alliance and quickly found themselves on the run from the Galactic Empire as ISB moved in forcing the Rebels to flee into an abandoned mine known as Mesa 291.  They fought their way through perils of the crumbling, dark, and fiery mine before escaping in a squadron of Y-wings to join a Rebel Cell lead by THE BARON. 

Rescue at Glares Peak Part 1 & Part 2:

Our Rebel HEROES' first official mission for THE BARON was to place sensor equipment on top of a residential building to spy on an Imperial Detention Center.  It seemed like an easy mission until a Rebel Starfighter carrying a dispatch containing the location of Rebel High Command.  Now our HEROES were in a race against time to rescue the downed pilots before the Empire can capture them and bring them before Darth Vader.  After rescuing the Y-wing's R2 unit they were quick to learn that the Rebel pilots are being delivered to the prison facility.  Now they must break into the Detention Center and help them escape before Lord Vader arrives.


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Baroon Saa
Baroon Saa