Where we came from

Legends of the Galaxy was inspired and created by Nicholas Montgomery.  It was born out of a love for the Star Wars RPG game created by Fantasy Flight Games.  We began as fans of the game who ran adventures at our favorite local gaming store.  We often heard people wanted to try the star wars roleplaying system (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force & Destiny) but could not locate a group of players to play with.  This inspired Nick to begin to run Public Games.  He wanted to create an amazing Star Wars roleplaying experience, that was fun, family friendly, inviting, and great for people of all skill levels.

Birth of a Mission

Nick assembled tools created by the fan community into one place to facilitate and make the game play easy for both new and experienced players.  Over time the number of players who flocked to his games grew and he thought to himself, “If I could bring this many new players into the RPG Community to support Fantasy Flight’s Product Line in my own community.  What if I gave the same inspiration to GMs and communities all around the world?”  

Legends of the Galaxy was born.  It became a place where people could find all of the tools needed to run a Star Wars RPG campaign in a Galaxy Far, Far Away.  Our Goal is to help people take their first steps into a larger world and discover the Star Wars Roleplaying game created by Fantasy Flight Games.  We hope that you can share the same experience and passion as we have.  We hope that together we can create a robust community of players and game masters who can easily find each other and all work together to support the Star Wars RPG Line by Fantasy Flight Games.

The Name Legends of the Galaxy was coined by a friend who commented that our Star Wars Public Games needed a name, needed an identity.  After tossing around several names Legends of the Galaxy was liked by the vast majority of the group of friends.  It harkens back to the fact that Roleplaying Adventures are not cannon and instead an aspect of the Star Wars Legends story.  We wanted to inspire players to feel they were a part of the Star Wars Universe even if only in Legend.  So we made a logo and named our RPG Club Legends of the Galaxy.

Nicholas J Montgomery

Nicholas J Montgomery

Creator of Legends of the Galaxy

Nick came up with the idea of running public games for the Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight Games as a way to meet new players for the game. This expanded to his desire to create a local organized play among other local Game Masters in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Soon this changed to the launch of Star Wars: Legends of the Galaxy Roleplaying Community.


Development of LegendsoftheGalaxy.com came about when Nick decided he wanted to try to learn how to create a website and learn how to use Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe Illustrator.  He wanted to create an exciting and visual hub for fans to be able to go to help them get started with creating their own events.  We wanted the look and feel of something that Fans would identify with the Fantasy Flight Games Line and not mistake for other Star Wars RPG lines.  We want fans to know we are supporting the Fantasy Flight Games Brand and not the other previous Star Wars RPG lines created by Wizards of the Coast and West End Games.

As Legends of the Galaxy began to take form many of the Developers of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game began to take notice at our strive for quality and excellence.  They attended and participated in a few of our events.  They began to unofficially support us through encouragement, advice, and more.  The Fantasy Flight Games Event Center even took our Roleplaying Club Flyer and placed it with their Product Line.  After a few branding change requests, we were informed by the Event Center that FFG Marketing approved our Logo branding and Group flyer.  FFG even asked us to add their FFG Logo to the flyer!  We were amazed and surprised by this turn of events.  While we are not an official part of Fantasy Flight Games Organized Play and seen in the eyes of FFG and are just a community driven group who loves and supports Fantasy Flight Games is greatly appreciated the recognition.  Since then we had a few setbacks as the person who authorized us at Fantasy Flight Games did not obtain all of the correct approvals.   So we began working with Asmodee North America, the parent company of Fantasy Flight Games, has worked closely with Legends of the Galaxy to make branding choices and edits to ensure that we are in compliance and working together smoothly with Fantasy Flight Games without infringing on their intellectual property.

Development continues and we hope to continue to improve our options to give Star Wars Fans a rewarding place to experience Star Wars RPG.  Currently in development we are launching a GM Legendary Awards Program.  It is an effort to encourage GMs to try the game and run events at their local hobby shops.  Out of our own pockets the community purchases books, dice, and more from Fantasy Flight Games and gives it away for free to the Game Masters as a way to say Thank You for Hosting an Event.

The community is also asking Legends of the Galaxy to write it’s own adventures and provide them as available for play.  Recently Legends of the Galaxy, LLC signed a General Account Retail Partnership with Asmodee North America allowing us to open an online store.

The Future!

We hope to continue to grow and expand following our mission to discover new players for the game and create events all around the world.  We have inspired and helped promote and create groups all over.  We are looking for Regional Coordinators to help us support the grown of the Community and the creation of games in their local areas.  If you are inspired join us at one of our Star Wars Community Driven Roleplaying Experience Events.  If you can’t find one in your local area consider assembling your own group of friends and create your own event.  Check out our Event Calendars for more info and be sure to join the Discussion in our Discussion Boards.  Together lets enjoy a shared love for Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight Games.