Become a Player Character in Legends of the Galaxy 

Star Wars Legends of the Galaxy is a roleplaying community trying to help Players like yourself find exciting rpg games at a local hobby shop near you. If you are ready to Experience Adventure and Excitement in a Galaxy Far, Far Away then follow the simple steps below to take your first steps into a larger world….

What does it mean to be a Player Character?

Players each protray an individual character in the game, referred to as a Player Character (PC). The PCs are the main characters of the story. Usually, you create your own PC before the first session of play, although the GM may provide you with a pre-generated character for special events, convention play, or for new players looking to try out the game.

If this is your first time playing the Star Wars Roleplaying Game PCs in the game are Heroes trying to find their place in the galaxy.  Your PC joins the other players in Star Wars adventures, which typically last one to four sessions of play. Each adventure is a complete story with a beginning, middle, and end, not unlike the individual episodes of the Star Wars trilogies. With each adventure, characters grow both as individuals and as a group, improving their abilities to complete increasingly difficult tasks successfully.

PCs may be living on the Edge of the Empire struggling with the turf wars of criminal organizations, Fighting the Galactic Empire as members of the Rebel Alliance, or battling Emperor Palpatine’s sinister agents as would-be Jedi Knights.

The Players and the Game Master work together to develop the most interesting story they can.



The first step in the process to becoming a Player or a Game Master in the Legends of the Galaxy community is to actually join the community. You can do this by registering for an account. 


Player Conduct

Legends of the Galaxy has a few rules that MUST be followed during adventure game play.  These rules are designed to facilitate fun play for all.


Family Friendly Fun

STAR WARS: Legends of the Galaxy wants to ensure that games are rewarding for all players. With that said it is critical that players understand that when attending game events they are considered representatives of the Legends of the Galaxy community. At Legends of the Galaxy we accept players of all age groups and throughout all gender polotics. As a result it is expected that you are on your best behavior at all times when attending an event.

We’re all friends and allies here, coming together to have a shared adventure. Don’t push other players around just because your character can or feel they would. Dysfunctional play will not be tolerated.

A little bit of fun banter can be fun roleplaying, of course. It’s okay to play a character who’s personality is a little bit aggressive. But, if you’re doing everything in your power to make another character look like an idiot, or to sabotage someone else’s accomplishments, you’ll be asked to leave the table. The point of the game is to work together, not to undermine one another. Remeber we are building community not tearing it down.

Playing your character is never an excuse for childish behavior. GMs are advised to work with their event coordinators to resolve any out-of-game conflicts. If you’re both the GM and the event coordinator, use your own discretion. Extreme or repetitive bad behavior should be addressed by asking that player to leave the table.

If your group all concents to a darker style of play. Legends of the Galaxy encourages you to run these games more as private events at your home so your game play does not refect poorly on the community as a whole.


Keep Good Records

Keep good records of your character’s play.  You can do this by completeing an Adventure Log and being sure to bring your logs to every session. Adventure Logs are a record of your character’s advancement. It highlights their growth in experience points, what their current (obligation, duty, or Morality) is as well as records the story of your character, and finally the gear they have earned.

If you forget your Adventure Logs, you won’t be able to play your character. However, you will be given the option of playing a pre-generated character that the GM has on hand.

GMs rely on accurate Adventure Logs to keep the campaign fun, honest, and fair for everyone. So keep your records safe, keep them accurate, and keep them with you every time you attend a Legends of the Galaxy Roleplaying Experience Events event. (We recommend a binder that can be sealed between adventures.)


Player-versus-Player Combat

 You cannot attack another player without consent. This is to keep all games civil and prevent any issues between players. This goes with the use of Force Powers like mind trick to take free will away from another player. If both players consent then it is allowed. If a player does not consent then it should not be tollerated. Any player who further presses the issue may be seen as being disruptive and asked to leave.

No Cheating

Legends of the Galaxy is meant to be a fun and rewarding game for everyone to enjoy. That being said players do need to follow the Star Wars Roleplaying Game Rules. This means that cheating is strictly prohibited. The following are some examples of cheating during a game:

  • Do not falsify rolls.
  • Do not falsify or discard your Adventure Logs from past events.
  • Do not add new items to your inventory without buying them or earning them properly during game play.
  • Do not lie to your GM under any circumstances.

Disruptive Players

On occasion we encounter a situation where two players do not agree. It is always up to the Game Master to be the final arbitrator at the table. If a player consistently performs activities at the table that takes the fun away from the table the Game Master should consider this as possible disruptive behavior. The Game Master may make a ruling at the table saying that activity is not allowed. This ruling must be respected by all players. The Game Master may pull players who constantly are doing things at the table that are not enjoyed by the rest of the table and in private ask them what is going on and why they are being disruptive. The Game Master will let them know that if they continue to be disruptive they may be asked to leave. If the player continues the Game Master may excuse the player from the Legends of the Galaxy Event.

Please note that dealing with disruptive players is a judgement call of the Game Master who is running their table. Being excused from a game does not mean you cannot return to STAR WARS: Legends of the Galaxy game events. However, consistent events can result in getting a player banned.

Examples of Disruptive activities:

  • Harassment.  If one player is ever harassing another player this is disruptive and should be dealt with immediately.
  • Cursing or use of foul language. Legends of the Galaxy likes to keep the games as Family Friendly as possible. Excessive use of foul language, especially around minors is prohibited and the Game Master can consider this as disruptive.
  • Unwelcome Player vs Player Combat. While if two players wish to have their character engage in an opposed skill check and it is willing is not disruptive. The activity where one player attempts to force another player against their will to perform an activity or if they attack another character without their consent this is considered a prohibited activity and an example of someone being disruptive.
  • Disruptive motivations. If a player is playing a character who has a motivation that is causing a disruptive situation at the table the Game Master reserves the right to request that player consider playing a different character or suspend their strong following of their motivation for the remainder of the session. Please note that it is up to the player to decide to continue playing their same character or switching to a new character. If the player agrees with switching and does not have another character they may select one of the pre-generated characters. If the player continues to play their character and allows their character’s motivations to disrupt the table taking the fun away from all other players they are considered disruptive.
  • Players just not getting along at the table. If two players are bickering, being argumentative, fighting at the table with each other, and taking away from the fun of the table this can be considered disruptive.
  • Excessive Rules Lawyering. If a player is constantly quoting the rules in a manner that stops the game, disrespects the Game Master, and takes fun away from other players. This is considered disruptive.
  • Sexual nature. If players have their characters engage in a nature that can be considered as X rated this is not Family Friendly and considered prohibited and disruptive in a public game setting.


One Character at a Time

You may only play one character during a single specific session. You can have more than one active character in Legends of the Galaxy Roleplaying Experience Events, but if you play more than one in a single session, it’s considered cheating. GMs are permitted to play a character during a session, but only to give a table a legal table size.


Character Death

If your character dies as a result of a critical injury sustained during the adventure play. You may choose to flip one light side destiny point to have your character survive and be playable again during a future Legends of the Galaxy Event. For the purposes of the session that you were playing in your character has died.

A character who has died during a session does not earn any story rewards for the event. They are only allowed to earn 10xp for attending the event.


Falling to the Dark Side

As players who are Force Sensitive play in Legends of the Galaxy they earn Conflict during game play. At the end of each session the Conflict will determine if a character’s actions during the game moved the character closer towards the Dark Side of the Force or the Light.

If a player falls below a Morality score of 30 they have fallen to the Dark Side of the Force. Characters play style should reflect if they are fallen to the dark side or not. It is possible to redeem yourself from the Dark Side by increasing your total Mortality score above 70 pts.

If a player’s Morality score ever reaches 0 they are consumed by the Dark Side of the Force. It is expected that the character has been retired and the Game Master should report the character’s fall to Legends of the Galaxy. This character will be added to the GM Rogues Gallery as a major nemesis to the Legends of the Galaxy Story. This is an exciting way for darker characters gain notoriety across the galaxy.


Replaying Adventures

On occasion and under certain circumstances, a player may need to replay an Adventure that he or she has already completed, or to play an Adventure that he or she has already run as a GM. The following rules specify when replaying an Adventure is legal, and what benefits you might gain from a replay.

  • When replaying, you fill out your Adventure Log as normal.
  • However, you may only apply this adventure once towards any given character.
  • A Player must choose which of the multiple Adventure Logs will be the primary adventure log for that specific character. The discarded Adventure Log will be checked the replayed box in the header. For the replayed discarded Adventure Log the player looses all equipment gained, story rewards, and core mechanic changes (Duty, Obligation, Morality, Group Contribution) and will only earn 10xp for the played scenario.
  • If you wish to replay an Adventure, you must inform the GM that you’ve already played this Adventure in the past.
  • No spoilers! If you spoil the plot for the other players, the GM is within their rights to ask you to leave the table. Don’t be a jerk, and be careful about character knowledge vs player knowledge. If you’re not sure, consult with the GM in private and ask how they’d like it to be handled.

You are now ready to play in a Legends of the Galaxy Community Driven Roleplaying Event. Be sure to check out our Event Calendar to locate games near you!


Legends of the Galaxy uses the Star Wars Roleplaying game by Fantasy Flight Games & Edge Studio; Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny.


Legends of the Galaxy wants to support the Star Wars RPG and the best way to do this is to encourage ownership.  We ask that all players and GMs purchase/own at least one or all of the 3 Star Wars RPG Core rulebooks.

In addition it is expected that if are you are playing a Career or Specialization that is not in the Core Rule Book you own, that you also own the Star Wars RPG supplement book associated with the Career and Specialization you wish to play.

Remember, through ownership of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game books we are supporting the creators of the game and encouraging them to continue to make this game for years to come.

(No Pirated PDFs allowed)

Character Generators

Legends of the Galaxy has made available to players different online tools for creating characters.  These include but are not limited to the RPG Sessions, OggDude Character Generator, Fringer’s Datapad, SW Sheets, or simple Pen and Paper. Players are allowed to use these tools to help facilitate the character creation process.

As a community we prefer players use for character creation as it makes characters easy to share online and creates a consistant platform to ensure you can quickly join and play in online games on our Discord Server.  RPG Sessions also allows you to track the advancement in the NOTES section where you can detail how you earned and spent your XP.


Follow the below 10 steps to create your Star Wars Legends of the Galaxy Character.

Step 1: Read the Rules

  • Players use the official rules of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game by Fantasy Flight Games for character creation.  These rules can be found in the Star Wars Roleplaying Core Rule Books: Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, or Force and Destiny.
  • Players are expected to review all of the Legends of the Galaxy Player Conduct Rules.

Step 2: Background

  • A Player should understand the basic story of Legends of the Galaxy and create a character who will play well with other characters.  In Legends of the Galaxy we assume that your character is a HERO of some type.  While that does not mean you must be a good guy.  It does mean that if you choose to play a more evil character that you do not create a character who would become disruptive at a table.  All characters should play well with others.
  • As part of your background your character should select a faction to belong to.  The faction system was created to make it easier for GMs to get your player involved into a story.  These include special Faction Mission Objectives that they may assign during an event.  These faction missions often trigger in conjunction with your Duty, Obligation, or Morality.

Step 3: CORE Mechanic – Duty, Obligation, Morality

  • Players should decide which CORE rule book to use for their initial character creation. They are expected to use the starting mechanic of the book they choose to create a character from.
  • Characters are assumed to begin play with a party size of 5 when determining Obligation or Duty.
  • Each character must select either 1 Obligation or 1 Duty as noted in the Edge of the Empire or Age of Rebellion Rulebooks. Character’s who are also Force Sensitive and have a Force Rating of at least 1 also gain the Morality mechanic as noted in Force and Destiny.
  • Players are allowed to take on additional Obligation or less Duty for bonus xp or credits following the official rules. Force and Destiny Characters may take on more Obligation or Less Duty but may not also gain the benefit for additional credits, additional xp, higher, or lower morality.

Step 4: Choose your Race

  • Players are allowed select any species out of any of the official Star Wars RPG products created by Fantasy Flight Games
  • Furthermore, players are allowed to select a species from the Unofficial Species Menagerie –  Click Here
  • Please note, if Edge Studio puts out a product that contradicts the Unofficial Species Menagerie then the player character is expected to adjust there character to match the Species Stats for the Official Star Wars Roleplaying Game.

Step 5: Select a Starting Career & Specialization

  • Players May Select any of the official Careers & Specializations detailed in any of the Official Star Wars RPG products of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game; Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, or Force and Destiny.  Examples would be the Smuggler: Gambler, the Ace: Hotshot, or the Sentinel: Shadow.

Step 6: Spending Experience Points

  • A Player’s started XP is determined by their selected alien species/race stat block as noted in any of the Star Wars RPG book.
  • They are allowed to spend their starting Experience points per the rules at character creation.  These can be spent on Increasing their starting characteristics, advancing their skills, developing new talents, or multi-classing in a new career or specialization.  Please note that characteristics can only be advanced in this way at character creation.
  • Furthermore, in Season 3 of Legends of the Galaxy we have now opened up Knight Level character creation.  Knight Level Play allows your character to begin with a bonus 150 earned XP to be spent on top of the starting xp granted by your character’s race.  However, Characters can not train any single skill rank above 3 trained ranks.  Furthermore, earned xp can only be spent towards skills, talents, or multi-classing in new career specializations.

Step 7: Selecting your Starting Equipment

  • Players by default earn 500 starting credits to be spent how they wish.
  • Player characters can earn an additional 1,000 to 2,500 starting credits at creation if they used the rule of adjusting their obligation higher or duty score lower at character start.
  • Players are prohibited from purchasing Restricted Items during Character Creation.
  • At the start of your first session with a new character inform your Game Master and he will allow you to make a single D100 dice roll for starting spending credits.  This is in addition to any day job credit checks at the start of each session.
  • Furthermore, if you created a Knight Level play character you gain a signature item.  Signature items must be something that is hallmark of your selected career, specialization, alien race, or homeworld.  Your signature item may be restricted.  Your signature item must be approved by the first GM who is running your character’s first event.
  • Below are a few examples of signature items:
    • Ace Hotshot: an X-wing
    • Smuggler Pilot: a YT-1300 freighter
    • Bounty Hunter Gadgeteer: A cool attachment for your armor
    • Colonist Politico: A Protocol Droid
    • Technician: A pit crew of pit droids (Max 3)
    • Diplomat Propagandist: A minion group security detail (Max 3)
    • Soldier Sharpshooter: A scoped rifle
    • Spy Infiltrator: Shadow Armor
    • Consular Sage: A holocron
    • Guardian Soresu Defender: A basic lightsaber
    • Mandalorian: Mando Beskar Armor
    • Kuyzo: Large brimmed hat
    • Wookiee: Bowcaster.

Step 8: Group Resource

  • The Group Resource spelled out during character creation is to be awarded based on the first adventure you play.  IE. You can gain the benefit of a Group Resource by playing one of the Beginner Box Adventures. (Edge of the Empire you gain Kyrat Fang a YT-1300 starship) (Age of Rebellion you gain your choice of a Lambda Shuttle or a Rebel Base) (Force and Destiny you gain the benefit of either a Holocron, or a Mentor)
  • During each game the table will select which Group Resource they wish to use during that day’s adventure. All of the players at the table will gain the benefit of that group resource for that day’s game.)
  • If no players have a Group Resource then the GM is allowed to award one and it must be noted on the character’s adventure log.

For more information on character creation check out these two step-by-step guides by Fantasy Flight Games!  Part One  and Part Two

 Below are some additional helpful videos that can assist you with character creation.


To help facilitate online games the Legends of the Galaxy Roleplaying Community does ask that you host a copy of your character online at so that you can easily share your character sheet with a Game Master.




Legends of the Galaxy is offering factional play for players to experience. At character creation you can select a faction and tie your starting obligation or duty to that faction. This will allow GMs to trigger special story elements should your obligation or duty trigger. If you are a force sensitive character you may also select a force tradition.

What are Factions

In Legends of the Galaxy your character can belong to a faction.  A faction is an organization or an organization in an organization that your character owes Obligation or Duty towards.  It helps enhance and focus the roleplaying experience and makes it easier for a Game Master to tie story elements that involve your character to the overall adventure they are running.  Factions might represent the Hutt Kajidic you are forced to work for, or the division of the rebellion you take direct orders from, or the force tradition that your character best identifies themselves as following.

A great example of how your Faction can come into play is seen in the The Star Wars Story Rogue One when Cassian is given orders to accompany Jyn Erso to locate and recover her father by Mon Mothma.  However Rebel Intelligence gives Cassian Andor an alternative order to assassinate Galen Erso rather than follow Mon Mothma’s orders to bring him to the Rebellion so she can bring him before the Imperial Senate to instill change in the Galactic Empire.

When you select a Faction you also gain a member of that faction as a contact.  For the example of Force Traditions you own a Holocron from that force tradition or gain a mentor from your chosen Force Tradition.  Contact’s may be called upon by flipping a light side destiny token during game play.  They can provide helpful information, warn you of impending threats, and be there during mission briefings to send you on your way.

The major factions you can choose from are:

Edge of the Empire

  • Black Sun
  • Crimson Dawn
  • Pyke Criminal Syndicate
  • Hutt Cartels (pick one)
  • Maz’s Pirates
  • Talon Karrde
  • Mandalorian Clan (pick one)

Age of Rebellion

  • Rebel Alliance Intelligence
  • Rebel SpecForce
  • Rebel Starfighter Command
  • Rebel High Command
  • Rebel Navy
  • Saw Gerrera’s The Partisans
  • The Resistance
  • The Galactic Empire
  • The First Order
  • The Grand Army of the Republic

Force and Destiny

  • The Jedi Order
  • The Sith Eternal
  • The Guardians of the Whills
  • The Church of the Force
  • The Baran Do Sages
  • The Witches of Dathomir
  • The Jensaarai
  • The Blackguard
  • The Aing-Tii Monks
  • The Kilian Rangers
  • The Findsman



A fun way to announce your character to the Legends of the Galaxy Community is to post your character in our Discussion Board sharing them with the Community. This allows you to create your own user handle for other players and game masters to get in contact with you through our Player Location Community Page.

  • Start by creating your character online using RPG Sessions.  Then all you need to do is copy the link to your character and create a new thread in our discussion boards specific to your character.
  • By posting your character online you are creating a thread about your character.  This allows you to post adventure notes, scanned copies of your adventure logs, and track your character advancement online using RPG Sessions.
  • By scanning in your adventure logs you have created a digital record which can be accepted in lieu of bringing the hardcopy printed adventure logs for your character.  Please note you should have a means to look up your adventure logs online in case a GM calls into question one of your adventure logs.  ie. Phone, tablet, or PC.

Keeping strong records of your character’s i is key towards tracking their advancement. As a result it is of critical importance that you Adventure Log readily available.

Print off your Adventure Log and get ready to experience adventure and excitement.


Finally you are ready to play in Star Wars Legends of the Galaxy Community Driven Roleplaying Experience. Check out our Event Calendar and find an adventure at your favorite local game shop or online or roll20 or discord servers today