A Question arose recently about rolling multiple critical hits on the same target, more specifically a minion group. Hear what Sam Stewart from Fantasy Flight Games had to say!

Question: When hitting a minion group with enough advantages to activate a critical on a weapon twice, should the player choose to activate both critical effects (the initial critical and the second for +10 to the critical result), how many minions should be eliminated from the group?

Sam: Since you can only inflict one critical per hit on a target (the “second” that you mention is just enhancing the ability of the original critical, and is not actually a second critical hit in its own right), activating a critical multiple times on a weapon that only inflicts a single hit would not eliminate any additional minions from the group.

If you hit a Rival or a Nemesis with enough triumph or advantage to have triggered multiple critical hits it still only counts as a single critical hit with +10 to the table for each time the critical hit would have triggered thus enhancing the current Critical Hit. Hope this Helps!

Sam Stewart
RPG Manager
Fantasy Flight Games

Information found on the Fantasy Flight Forums – FFG Developer Answered Questions


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