The EDGE OF THE EMPIRE Roleplaying Game focuses on the grim and gritty portions of the Star Wars universe. Characters exist in places where morality is gray and nothing is certain, highlighting those who live on the fringes of both the galaxy and its society. In an EDGE OF THE EMPIRE campaign, bounty hunters, smugglers, mercenaries, and explorers not only rub elbows with doctors, politicians, and scholars but also find themselves thrust into adventures together with them. During these adventures, the characters will often find themselves facing any number of challenges, from repairing their damaged starship or slicing their way past a security panel to exchanging blaster fire with hired guns out to collect a bounty. The characters must rely on their innate abilities, trained skills, and special talents to survive.

The Bounty Hunter

The name says it all: this is a hunter who seeks to collect bounties for his work. Bounty Hunters tend to be feared, reviled, looked down upon and in great demand throughout the galaxy. They are expert trackers, brutal combatants, and effective investigators. They tend to prefer skulduggery, stealth, and traps over frontal assaults, but the most respected Bounty Hunters will do whatever it takes to catch their quarries and collect their fees. Bounty Hunters generally fall within three categories: Imperial Bounty Hunters, Guild Bounty Hunters, or Independents. Imperial Bounty Hunters are essentially on permanent contract to’ the Imperial Security Bureau (or a similar arm of Imperial law), and they never take assignments from corporations, smaller governments, or individuals. They are highly trusted members of the extended law-enforcement community of the Empire, usually ex-military personnel that prefer a less-regimented (if possibly dangerous) way to serve.

Assassin - Oskara

Whereas most Bounty Hunters focus primarily on the capture of quarry, those who specialize as Assassins are generally tasked with the straighforward proposition of terminating targets.

Gadgeteer - Kashka Frost

Considering how often a single Bounty Hunter finds himself faced with terrible odds, it’s not surprising how many specialize in high-tech gear and weapons. The Gadgeteer excels at presenting himself as a one-person battle force.

Martial Artist - Neytieree

From the Kage Warriors of Quarzite to the Enforcers of Black Sun, organizations and cultures across the galaxy have developed their own unique hand-to-had combat styles to use their species’ physiology to greatest effect. Over decades, centuries, and millennia, these combat forms become more than mere means of inflicting violence. They become a Martial Art.

Operator - Kiera Virk

To catch a target, a Bounty Hunter must be fast, and even the swiftest sentient being cannot hope to outrace a speeder or starship on foot. An Operator prefers to undertake all pursuits from within a vehicle or spacecraft, keeping the target in sight, with deft maneuvering and on the run with withering firepower. In a high-speed change, few characters can match an Operator’s expertise.

Skip Tracer - Chaaz Sa-ruuk

Not all debts need to be settled with blasters. Sometimes, a Bounty Hunter just needs to do some legwork, find a target, and get that individual to pay what is owed with a few well-chosen words. This is the specialty of Skip Tracers, who take on commissions to seek out people with unpaid debys from clients who wish to have items returned.

Survivalist - Gaarish

Beyond Civilization, in the farthest reaches of the galaxy, there are places where few (if any) sentients have ever trodden the ground. Places like these are ideal hiding places for those fleeing the law or retribution for their actions. Places like these are where Bounty Hunters who specialize as Survivalists thrive.

The Colonist

In a way, Colonists are the most out of place people in the Outer Rim. They are most often from the Core Worlds, where they were well educated and part of the cultural and professional elite. A Colonist doesn’t tend to have the training to survive in areas of high conflict, and he isn’t particularly adept at physical exploits.

Doctor - Mera Mett

Of all the types of Colonists who come to the Outer Rim, Doctors probably have the easiest time finding employment. They are in high demand almost any where they go. Unfortunately, most of what they are asked to do involves patching up the wounds of the worst kids of beings.

Entrepreneur - Groola the Hutt

Entrepreneurs, know that there is only one thing worth investing in-the future. Entrepreneurs are not unlike explorers in the world of business; they want to be the first to open up new markets, to revultionize industrual practices, or to create new service industries people haven’t realized they needed, but once sampled, cannot live without.

Marshal - Jacobi Sterne

Criminals might run and criminals might hide, but the Marshal won’t rest until he drags them back to town in binders. The presence of a strong Marshal is often the only thing keeping a colony from plunging into chaos. The Marshal has a gift for extracting information from witnesses and confessions from criminals.

Performer - Tarookrawoo

Tarookarwoo is always seen wearing his wampa skinned hat.When a Wookiee has suffered any wounds, he deals +1 damage to Brawl and Melee attacks. When a Wookiee is Critically Injured, he instead deals +2 damage to Brawl and Melee attacks.

Politico - TK-Alot

At first, the idea of a Scholar wandering with a bunch of ne’er-do-wells in the Outer Rim might seem a bit odd, if not downright ridiculous. However, with all of the dangers and wonders of “a thousand, thousand words,” having someone around who actually knows something more than how to reload a heavy blaster could be exceedingly usefule under any number of circumstances.

Scholar - Sanna Arca

Sanna grew up on Coruscant as a well educated Scholar in the Galactic Empire. Her studies focused on ancient lore and lost civilizations. With much of the occult being controled by the Galactic Empire she left to the outer rim to catalog all of these findings before the Empire destoryed and covered up the findings. She partnered with a Bounty Hunter known as Lor San Tekka. He uncovered and she cataloged. Another partner was Mika Grey who did not like Sanna much feeling she was scum of the Core. The two became rivals always trying to one up the other.

The Explorer

The Empire is vast, but it is a mere fraction of the galaxy, and the Explorer seeks to uncover the countless mysteries and opportunities the universe contains. Explorers are both vitally important and insidiously dangerous to the New Order; on the one hand, they reveal information, trade routes, and resources that are deeply coveted by the Empire, and on the other hand, they expand the ranges into which rebels, criminals, and iconoclasts can spread out and avoid Imperial might.

Archeologist - Levat Joros

Most Explorers are searching for the new-new opportunities, new planets, new civilizations, new marketplaces, etc. Archaeologists, on the other hand, are firmly entrenched in the old. The galaxy is impossibly old, and nigh-infinite millennia have witnessed the rise and fall of countless civilizations. The Archaeologise endeavours to find these lost cultures and unlock the secrets of their history, art, science, and everything else about them.

Big Game Hunter - Nozzie

With the skills of a survivalist, the instincts of a bounty hunter, and the courage of a madman, the Big-Game Hunter tends to baffle everyone with his desire to actively track down, confront, and do battle with the most terrifying creatures in the galaxy. He understands and respects the environments he must contend with in order to pursue his quarry, yet he is less interested in where he is going than in what he is going to kill when he gets there.

Driver - Boost Hecta

Pilots are great for traveling from one system to another , but it’s the Drivers that move beings around once they hit dirtside. While nearly anyone can manage the basics of a ground vehicle or a speeder, a Driver is priceless when the blaster bolts start flying or the weather turns particularly nasty. It’s one thing to know how to go forward and back and how to apply the breaks. It’s another ting entirely to know how far one can flip a speeder over to one side without stalling while skirting the wall of a canyon.

Fringer - Tiras

Part negotiator, part astrogator, and savvy in the ways of the galaxy beyond the Core Worlds, the Fringer is a jack-of-all-trades. He focuses on knowing how to find what he needs and how to get where he needs to go. He’s got a gift of gabe when it’s time to talk, and the awarenesss and reflexes to maneuver away when it’s time to run.

Scout - Sasha

There’s finding a planet, and then there’s going down to the planet and seeing what’s what. The Scout is the professional for the task, trained to survey and survive, gathering all of the information he can while keeping his head attached to his body. While bravery in combath is one thing, there can be no denying the fearlessness of anyone willing to touvh down on a completely unknown planet and trudge about with onyl scanners and his wits to discover its secrets.

Trader - Sinoca Meeku

Those seeking to take what they discover as they explore the Outer Rim and beyond (and turn a serious profit from it) are Traders. For a Trader, a new planet represents nigh-infinite ptential for resource exploitation, while a new culture or hidden community is a customer base just begging for his particular talents.

The Hired Gun

When it comes to fighting, the Hired Gun is at the forefront. He’s less of an independent operator than the Bounty Hunter, preferring to have a defined mission, an objective to achieve, and some credits to spend when the job is done. Hired Guns are muscle and applied force, meant to defend or attack as the situation requires. They deal damage or protect others for credits, and this makes them simple and sometimes refreshingly direct

Bodyguard - Lowhhrick

Hired Guns who choose the Bodyguard specialization are excellent choices for defending both people and places. They tend to be highly capable with all kids of weapondry, extremely tough, and savvy in combat, and exactly the right people to get behind when blaster fire starts flying.

Demolitionist - Orim Megarr

Demolitionists are masters of explosives and incendiary devices. Often seen as dangerous pyromaniacs, most Demolitionists possess a deep understanding of the physics beind combustion and explosion on an intuitive level as well as an academic once. They are not mindless destroyers, but artists.

Enforcer - Keraxian Nows

Enforcers know that achieving results does not always require violence-sometimes the threat of it is enough. Unlike other Hired Guns, Enforcers focus on social interactions as much as combat. They can handle themselves in a fight, to be sure, but prefer to accomplish their objectives thorugh savvy, intimidation, blackmail, and straightforward threats.

Heavy - HVY-HTR1

For a Heavy, size really does matter. These characters prefer to use the biggest guns possible, and usually have the physique to match. Heavies are often physically impressive, a necessity for effectively wielding the heaviest manportable weapons. Heavies are inevitably found at the front lines in combat.

Marauder - Tray’Essek

Marauders don’t necessarily mind shooting their opponents, but they would much rather get mixed up in a melee, weapons in hand, smashing and slashing their way through. Marauders are tough-probably the toughest combatants in any comflict. They tend to take a great deal of punishment while dealing out far more to any who dare go against them.

Mercenary Soldier - Gord Valesk

If the Mercenary Soldier is the warefare expert. An adept of both ranged combat and military tactics, he is a leader of warriors n combat and a deadly combatant himself.

The Smuggler

Though they spend most of their lives struggling to avoid Imperial entanglements, keeping their ships flying, dodging blaster fire, and having enough to eat, Smugglers are often seen as the freest beings in the galaxy. They travel the hyperspace lanes, system to system, planet to planet, bringing what people want and need (and cannot get through legitimate means).

Charmer - Kyra Starfall

Confident and elegant, the Charmer employs his wits and wiles with more percision than a laster scalpel. Rather than resorting to uncivilized intimidation tactics or distaseful acts of violence, the Charmer believes the best way to get what he wants is to simply ask for it.

Gambler - Xera

When the chips are down, the Gambler holds all the cards. Like the devious Thief, the Gambler loves misleading others and taking big risks to profit. Like the clever Trader, the Gambler has a knack for convincing others to part with their valuables for next to nothing. The hambler has a unique variety of tricks up his sleeve to deceive tor misdirect opponents.

Gunslinger - Xander

The Outer Rim is an immense region of countless worlds, sometimes lawless but always dangerous. Life on the galactic frontier teems with vicious creatures and heartless criminals who whould not thing twice about gunning down innocent civilians. Bred for conflict and necesity, this is the galaxy wehre the Gunslinger lives and breathes.

Pilot - Pash

Plenty of folks know how to fly a starship, but a Smuggler who specializes as a Pilot develops a relationship with his ship, and it becomes an extension of his wit and his will. He can make a plodding old transport run far above its performace ratings, and given time and some modifications, he can turn it into on eof the fleetest and most maneuverable craft ever to take to the stars.

Scoundrel - Matwe

Part con artist, part gunslinger, and part cantina brawler, the Scoundrel is quick-witted, quick to his feet, and quick to get himself into a great deal of troble at the drop of a hat. He doesn’t care one whit for rules or laws, except where he can use them to work an angle that either nets him a lot of credits or brings down an enemy.

Thief - Varith Raveri

The Thief is a covert operative. His ideal circumstance is to get into places blocked to others, grab things he’s no supposed to have, and get out without anyone ever knowing he was there. If he can sell what he grabbed for a tidy sum, that makes for a perfect day.

The Technician

Pretty much anything to do with technology or mechanical devices lies within the Technician’s purview. He knows how to operate, maintain, repair, and upgrade just about anything with power or gears. Most Technicians would rather deal with machines and droids than people; the latter are just too unpredictable. Technicians can be found almost anywhere, at any tier of society or in any location where there’s even a few machines. Formality even cleanliness tends to fall far outside their daily concerns. They usually smell of some kind of grease, solvent, or other substance that’s used on machines, and even their cleanest clothes are seldom free from stains. Even those Technicians that move among the higher echelons come off as rumpled and slouching; it’s just not in their nature to put on a professional front. They let their work speak for itself.

Cyber Tech - Graz the Builder

Many people think of the body as a machine. AFter all, it can fulfill complex functions, must be maintained, and wears down over time. When pieves of the body fail or need to be repaired, cyberneticists can help restore function and imprive the quality of patients’ lives. While many Cyber Techs focus their craft entirely on replacing the lost or damaged by parts of patients, others see no reason not to upgrade and modify bodies just as they would other tools.

Droid Tech - Mathus

Droids are prevalent across the galaxy, from the shining spheres of the Core to the dingy backwater worlds far from the center’s light. To most inhabitants of the galaxy, droids are little more than particularly complex tools. However, some organic sentients find a kinship with these mechancial beings, seeing a spark of life in them beyond their shels and circuitry. Whether or not they treat the droids around them as mere objects or as sentient beings, Droid Techs possess an unparalleled skill at inventing, repairing, and dealing with droids.

Mechanic - Yuna

Depending on who asked, Mechanics are either the glue that holds everything together or the grease that makes it all go. Most Mechanics would tell you they do both, and then go back to work.

Modder - Bauk Tresak

If someone keeps disassembling and reassembling the rest of the crew’s weapons, armor, and gear, without permission, it’s a safe bvet that the culprit is the team’s Technician. If those items actually work better afterward, that Technician might well be a Modder. Modders are chronic tinkerers, and most Modders would rather add features to machines they already have than build new ones. By turning their engineering prowess toward relentlessly repairing, optimizing, testing, calibrating, and re-repairing mechanisms around them, Modders make any piece of technology their own.

Outlaw Tech - Sharra

Outlaw Techs are the specialists other call on when they want something out of the ordinary. A blaster that works beyond factory tolerances? No problem. A trasponder that identifies a smugler’s freighters as a religious pilgrimage craft? It’ll cost a few credits, but sure. A protocol droid altered to carry out an assassination? Just how big is the credit line, anyway?

Slicer - Jovel Nial

For the Slicer, a computer or datapad is just a puzzle to solve with prizes for doing so. “Slicing” is the term used for the invasive efforts to steal or alter data in a system. With practically the entire galaxy wired to computerized systems, Slicers are extremely valuable people to know, and dangerous to cross.