The Jewel of Yavin – Act 2: The Greatest Caper

Edge: S1:A02:The-Jewel-Of-Yavin:The-Greatest-Caper

Scrape together a crew and prepare for the heist of a lifetime in The Jewel of Yavin, a ninety page adventure supplement for Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™.Set in Bespin’s Cloud City, The Jewel of Yavin includes plenty of opportunities for all characters to shine as they work to steal the priceless corusca gem.Game Masters will find the Cloud City gazetteer section especially useful, both for running The Jewel of Yavin adventure and for basing their own Edge of the Empire campaigns on the floating city. The section features over a dozen pages of material detailing locations in the plaza district, Port Town, and the industrial levels.

The Greatest Caper is the second adventure in the Edge of the Empire storyline.  This adventure was created by Fantasy Flight Games and is available for purchase.  Click Here to get your copy today

Expand the Adventure

Prepping the Adventure

Read the Module

Read Jewel of Yavin Act 2: The Greatest Caper.  Furthermore, you should be familiar with Act 1 and know about the ways a play may infiltrate the museum.

Other Rules to Consider

Slicing Encounters:  In Act 2: the party will be conducting a slicing encounter.  It is encouraged that the GM review the Slicing rules in both the Technician Supplement Book, Special Modifications on page 86 and the Spy Supplement Book, Cyphers and Masks pg. 82

Heists and Breakins: In Act 2: The party will break into the Figg and Associates art museum.  It is encouraged the Game Master reference the Heist rules in the Smuggle Supplement Book: Fly Casual on page 82.



Review Player Adventure Logs

At the start of the game session before play a Game Master should ask players if they can see their adventure logs.  This will help you make adjustments to your story to consider what the players have done before.

  • Jewel of Yavin Act 1: Odds and Opportunities: in this module the players should have detailed everything they learned during the Investigation in Act 1.  This is mission critical info that can affect the bidding at the gala in Act 2.  A GM should review these adventure logs to be aware what a play knowns ahead of time.  Furthermore, the GM should note what the PCs have done to investigate Museum security, and also setup the slice shop.
  • The Hangover: in this module the players have interacted with one of the Bidders before, Vorse Tabarith and may have a prior relationship.  This relationship may be negative and can affect how the PCs interact with Vorse during the Gala.
  • Long Arm of the Hutt: Act 3: Return to Mos Shuuta:  A Game Master should note if a player has run this module and what the fate of Teemo the Hutt was.  If Teemo was killed at the hands of the Player Characters it will make Kaltho the Hutt very unfriendly to the PCs during the Gala Encounter.  This should not break out into a fight.

How to Introduce the Characters

The Jewel of Yavin – Act 2: The Greatest Caper is a direct follow-up to Odds and Opportunity.  Players who have already completed Act 1: Odds and Opportunity would just be able to transition in to Act 2.  Reference their Adventure Log from Odds and Opportunity to determine how the character’s prepared for the Heist.

If a player has never played Act 1: Odds and Opportunity.  They could have been hired by the PCs in Port Town to assist with the Heist of the Jewel of Yavin.  If none of the characters have played Act 1: Odds and Opportunity it is recommended that you run that adventure instead.  Click Here for Odds and Opportunity.

Mission Objectives

In Act 2: The Greatest Caper you have several mission objectives that need to be completed to complete the adventure.

  1.  Players need to manipulate the Bidders to stay in the Auction as long as possible and increase the amount they Bid to get top credits for the Jewel.
  2. Slice into the Cloud City Central Bank and steal the credits for the winning bid for the Jewel of Yavin.
  3. Successfully infiltrate the Museum after hours and steal the Jewel of Yavin gemstone.

In addition to the mission objectives detailed here. The Game Master may incorporate additional Faction Mission Objectives from Season 1:

  • Hutt Kajidics: If a player has tied their character to the Vanderijar Hutts they are motivated to have Kaltho the Hutt win the auction and end up with the winnings.  This is a faction based goal.
  • Jedi Knights: Convince Elazia to become your Mentor and teach you the ways of the Jedi.  If the players are not Force Sensitive then she becomes a contact.  Elazia can then inform her partner Hethan Romund to investigate the Dawn Temple.  This makes a great tie in to the Force and Destiny Beginner Box Adventure.

Ways to Expand the Adventure

When the PCs break into the Museum please note that one of the exhibits in the Museum is that of an ancient Jedi Temple known as the Dawn Temple.  This is a great way to foreshadow and setup the Force and Destiny storyline of Legends of the Galaxy.  It is how THE BARON first learns of the temple and in turn sends his ally Hethan Romund to investigate.  PCs are encouraged to gain some evidence of the Dawn Temple to be provided to THE BARON.

Furthermore, if any of the PCs are Force and Destiny Characters and they win the trust of Elaiza they can suggest that she go to check out the Dawn Temple which will add her as a mentor resource for the character.  The PC can then visit the Dawn Temple and complete the adventure series Mountaintop Rescue or Lure of the Lost.

Recommended Next Adventure to Run

The Jewel of Yavin – Act 2: The Greatest Caper Story Elements

Story Elements are to be documented on the Player Character’s Adventure Logs as proof of what story elements they have completed during game play.

What was the PCs end relationship with each of the Bidders? Did they make enemies out of any of them? Were they able to help further the goals of any of the bidders.

Where the PCs able to successfully slice into the central computer and steal the winning bid. Who’s account did they transfer the winning funds into? Aren Shen, The BARON, their own account? Did they leave any trace to their crime?

How did the PCs break into the Figg & Associates Art Museum and were they able to steal the Jewel of Yavin? Did they steal anything else from the Museum?

Did the PCs prevent Elaiza from taking the gem? Did they befriend Elaiza, kill her, or make her an enemy? Did they convince her to go to the Dawn Temple or did she return to Nar Shaddaa?

Adventure Page

Download the Adventure Log for Jewel of Yavin Act 2: The Greatest Caper

NPC / Adversaries

Player Rewards

XP Rewards

Objective Complete XP Earned
Increase the winning bid to 250,000 or higher 5-10 xp
Successfully diverting the winning bid: 10 xp
Infiltrating the Figg & Associates Art Museum 5 xp
Stealing the Jewel of Yavin from the Museum 10 xp
Keeping Elaiza from taking the gem 5 xp

Equipment Rewards

Noble Regalia



Player’s may select this Equipment Reward and add it to their character sheet. Please note, characters may select only a single Equipment Reward for playing this adventure.


DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol



Player’s may select this Equipment Reward and add it to their character sheet. Please note, characters may select only a single Equipment Reward for playing this adventure.


Akrab Clip-Point Vibrodagger



Player’s may select this Equipment Reward and add it to their character sheet. Please note, characters may select only a single Equipment Reward for playing this adventure.


The Jewel of Yavin



Player’s may select this Equipment Reward and add it to their character sheet. Please note, characters may select only a single Equipment Reward for playing this adventure.

 This is an optional award should the players actually recover the Jewel of Yavin.

Information, cheat sheets, and equipment rewards may be downloaded and printed for use during Star Wars: Legends of the Galaxy Game Play Events.