Enemy of my Enemy – Act 2: Pulling the Ears off a Gundark


The Enemy of my Enemy involves a rag-tag group of PCs, who comprise a small smuggling outfit working out of their ship, Working together as a close crew and extended family for the past two years, the team gets a communication from an old contact called “fixer” on Bespin, who has a simple smuggling job for them. But during the pickup, the job immediately goes south, and the PCs are forced to fight for their lives, before being drawn into a galactic investigation of dangerous figures which will threaten their lives and ultimately, their freedom. – Click Here to download your copy today

Expand the Adventure

Prepping the Adventure

Reading the Adventure:

It is expected that the Game Master has read all of Enemy of my Enemy Act 2: Pulling the Ears off a Gundark prior to running this adventure.

Other Rules to Consider:

Lords of Nal Hutta: In Enemy of my Enemy our Players are starting to encounter the Hutt Cartels.  In Legends of the Galaxy we have a storyline with a Hutt Turf War raging in Hutt Space pitting the various Hutt Kajidics against one another.  Being familiar with Hutt politics and the different Hutt Kajidics may be of value to the Game Master.  We recommend checking out Lords of Nal Hutta for more information on the Hutts.


Review Player Adventure Logs

At the start of the game session before play a Game Master should ask players if they can see their adventure logs.  This will help you make adjustments to your story to consider what the players have done before.

  • Enemy of my Enemy: Act 1: Crime in the Clouds: This will help you determine what the characters did in the first act of this adventure series.
  • Long Arm of the Hutts: Act 2: Return to Mos Shuuta: Depending on if the PCs killed Teemo the Hutt of the Desilijic Hutts can dramatically affect how notorious they are in this adventure.  Muraga the Hutt is a member of the Besadii Hutts.  Desilijic was behind the murder of the leader of the Besadii Hutts and the PCs having killed Teemo the Hutt may be well reguarded by Muraga the Hutt.

How to Introduce the Characters

In Enemy of my Enemy: Pulling the Ears off a Gundark your characters begin play having been blackmailed by Sector Ranger Marek Quay to complete a job infiltrating a spice ring.  The PCs are to deliver a cargo shipment of Spice marked Rare Ale and Spice to a Toydarian named Weeko Neeks an associate of Muraga the Hutt.  Once the shipment is delivered the PCs are to follow the crate to discover who it is finally being delivered too.  This should provide Marek Quay with information as to who is behind the spice ring he is investigating in the Western Reaches out of Cloud City in Bespin.  It is important that the PCs provide Marek Quay with regular mission updates.  Doing this job will keep them out of Imperial Prison.

Mission Objectives

  1. Trace the Cargo Container to who Muraga the Hutt is selling it too.
  2. Investigate the Great Gundark Hunt and figure out how you can gain entry.
  3. Participate and attempt to win the Great Gundark Hunt.

Ways to Expand the Adventure

Welcome Aboard: One way a Game Master can choose to expand this adventure is to introduce the Welcome Aboard Modular Encounter found in Lords of Nal Hutta, pg. 122.  This is a great way to show the passage of time while traveling into Hutt Space toward Vanqor.

A Feast Fit for a Hutt:  Have everyone board Muraga the Hutt’s Luxury liner which once the party starts will launch.  Large doors will open letting the elite view the landscape of Vanqor.  The point of this is to further demonstrate that people here are at Muraga’s mercy and cannot leave without his express permission.  This also allows the GM to force the PCs to continue to interact as they cannot leave until they obtain the information they are required to obtain.  Finally, if a PC is ejected from the party Muraga the Hutt can make it a spectacle by having the individual walk a plank and jump to his doom.  If a PC is ejected from the party, The BARON will show up and catch them in an airspeeder.

Hutt Turf War Disputes: During the feast an envoy for Kaltho the Hutt will arrive and insist that Muraga the Hutt discontinue his activities in the Western Reaches without obtaining the proper blessings from Kaltho.  They warn Muraga to no longer interfere with his affairs.  This exchange helps further ceed past adventures and helps the PCs feel a sense that the entire galaxy and all of their adventures are united in Legends of the Galaxy.  The PCs can attempt to build relations with Kaltho’s envoy however the GM should remind the PCs that they are currently working for Vorse Tabarith who is motivated to get Kaltho out of the Western Reaches and out of his hair on Cloud City.

Furthermore, a GM is encouraged to introduce other potential spice related criminal elements that the PCs can attempt to investigate.  After all, Muraga is not known for dealing in spice and the PCs are trying to investigate a Spice Ring.  Perhaps members of the Pyke Criminal syndicate can be present.  Adding members of the Pyke can allow the PCs to be introduce to the Pyke which will only in the future help seed adventures like Under a Black Sun.  Do not include the party who will in the end obtain the Spice as this is meant to be a surprise.

Hunt Registration: If the PCs fail all local options in joining the Great Gundark Hunt the PCs may flip a white destiny token to contact THE BARON for a favor.  The BARON will travel to Vanqor and put the recently acquired Jewel of Yavin on the line as collateral so that the PCs may enter the Gundark Hunt.  If this occurs The BARON will make a show of his arrival, arriving with a crowd of women on his arms and a Monkey Lizard on his shoulder.  A hype man will go around the room in an attempt to create a great buzz about his arrival and spread rumors about who The BARON is.  This is all in an effort for The BARON making his presence known to the local Hutt Kajidics.  It is critical that The BARON make his presence known and be seen as someone of power and respect in an effort to gain respect with the Hutts.  The BARON seeks an alliance with the Gorensla Hutt Kajidic to help fund his Rebel Cell on Arda.  The BARON will make an effort to be rude to the point of possible insult toward the Great Hutt challenging him to a fair wager.  He will even go as far as to mis pronounce Muraga the Hutt’s name as Muranga the Hutt.  The BARON needs to make sure that Muraga sees him more as an equal than a servant.  The BARON does not wish to risk loosing the Jewel of Yavin and will first attempt to talk circles around Muraga the Hutt and convince him to front the cash for the PCs to enter the Gundark Hunt.  This way Muraga has the ability to regain power over The BARON.

An Issue of Trust: For some PCs the capture and arrest without any ability to escape can result in hurt feelings.  As Legends of the Galaxy is family friendly the GM is allowed to let the PCs to attempt to convince Marek Quay to allow them to leave with the White Gundark, the PCs would need to enter into a skill challenge of negotiation.  The PCs will need to attempt to negotiate with Marek Quay and his Stormtrooper guards.  All attempts begin with 3 setback dice to all attempts.  With 3 advantage or a Triumph the PCs may reduce the setback by 1 for the remainder of the encounter.  In order for the PCs to succeed they need to beat Marek Quay’s Strain Threshold before he beats there Strain Threshold.  Each uncanceled success during this negotiation will reduce the opponent’s strain threshold by 1.  If the PCs roll a triumph during the negotiation and succeed the GM can allow the PCs to be released with the White Gundark.  Despair will result in Marek Quay killing the Gundark.  2 Despairs will result in him ordering the Stormtroopers to stun the PCs and take them away.


Recommended Next Adventure to Run

Enemy of my Enemy Act 3: The Price of Betrayal

If the PCs manage the unlikely success they are allowed to leave, possibly with the Gundark.  Reduce the PCs obligation earned to Marek Quay in Act 1 of The Enemy of my Enemy.  Succeeding will result in the GM skipping Act 3 of Enemy of my Enemy and continuing on to another adventure.

Pulling the Ears off a Gundark Story Elements

Story Elements are to be documented on the Player Character’s Adventure Logs as proof of what story elements they have completed during game play.

Were the PCs able to track the Spice Shipment to its final destination? Please note any of the suspected criminal organizations they think is involved in the Spice Ring. Noting these criminal’s attitudes towards the PCs can help setup future adventures.

What relationships if any did the PCs form during Muraga the Hutt’s Feast? Did they discover Stim? What are their thoughts of Stim and his men? Did the PCs take out a loan to enter the Gundark Hunt? If so how much obligation did they obtain and who is it owed too?

Note what happened to the PCs once Marek Quay arrived on the scene. Were the PCs arrested, Did the PCs convince Marek Quay their job is complete and they are free to go? If let go did the PCs win The Great Gundark Hunt? Did they get released with the White Gundark which will result in an automatic success winning the Great Gundark Hunt which will allow The BARON to gain control of the Vanqor Hunting Grounds which can give The BARON more power in the underworld. Remove the obligation the PCs earned towards Marek Quay in Act 1: Crime in the Clouds.

Did the PCs call upon The BARON for assistance with getting into the Great Gundark Hunt? If so did The BARON place the Jewel of Yavin at risk or did he convince Muraga the Hutt to cover the entry fee for the PCs? Is The BARON still in possession of the Jewel of Yavin at the end of the adventure?

Adventure Page

Download the Adventure Log for Enemy of my Enemy: Act 2: Pulling the Ears off a Gundark

NPC / Adversaries

Helpful Tools / Adventure Handouts

Player Rewards

XP Rewards

Objective Complete XP Earned
Successfully Tracking the Spice Shipment 5-10 xp
Getting themselves into the Great Gundark Hunt without The BARON’s assistance 5 xp
Discovering that Stim is not Evil 5 xp
Good Roleplaying: playing to obligations and motivations 1-5 xp

Equipment Rewards

Imperial Credits



Player’s may select this Equipment Reward and add it to their character sheet. Please note, characters may select only a single Equipment Reward for playing this adventure.


Bantha-II Cargo Skiff



Player’s may select this Equipment Reward and add it to their character sheet. Please note, characters may select only a single Equipment Reward for playing this adventure.


ILF-6500 Life Form Scanner



Player’s may select this Equipment Reward and add it to their character sheet. Please note, characters may select only a single Equipment Reward for playing this adventure.


XV-09 Chemical Restraint Harness



Player’s may select this Equipment Reward and add it to their character sheet. Please note, characters may select only a single Equipment Reward for playing this adventure.


Hutt Cred-Chip



Player’s may select this Equipment Reward and add it to their character sheet. Please note, characters may select only a single Equipment Reward for playing this adventure.


Information, cheat sheets, and equipment rewards may be downloaded and printed for use during Star Wars: Legends of the Galaxy Game Play Events.