One Shot First: Act 2: Justice be Served


Justice be Served acts as the 2nd adventure of the One Shot First adventure series. Through the course of six one-shot adventures, discover a secret lost to the ravages of time, seek out justice for a man accused of murder, steal a valuable item from a museum in the middle of a gala, discover the location of a lost starship, grill suspects and solve a mystery, and defend a starship from attacks from all sides – and play them separately, linked together, or break them into component parts as adventure templates. The module supports all of these! Meanwhile, delve into the lore of the Savareen sector and equip players with new species options, weapons, gear, and vehicles.   Click Here to download your copy today

Expand the Adventure

Prepping this Adventure

The Game Master should read all of One Shot First: Act 2: Justice be Served.

Other Rules to Consider:

Running the Investigation:  It is recommended that you also take a look at the “Running an Investigation” rules found in the Bounty Hunter Supplement Book, No Disintigrations pg. 75, but also in the Sentinal Supplement Book, Endless Vigil pg. 80.

Adventure Logs to reference

At the start of the game session before play a Game Master should ask players if they can see their adventure logs.  This will help you make adjustments to your story to consider what the players have done before.

  • One Shot First: Act 1: Across the River:  The Game Master should note if any of the players have completed Act 1 Across the River.  In this adventure the Player Characters attempt to rescue Dr Gena Tan.  In this adventure they discover Dr Gena Tan has been murdered.  If the players did not rescue Dr. Gena Tan then the GM should be prepared to replace her with a collegue that she works with.  If she did survive the GM should make her Murder feel personal for the PCs as she was an ally.

How to Introduce the Characters

PCs who played in One Shot First: Across the River will already be introduced to Ranem “The Glove” Tiiv and be familiar with Dr. Gena Tan as they just recently completed a mission together.  This is the easiest way for the PCs to be introduced.  Their familiarity with Dr. Tan will give them a sympathy toward this mission.  Ranem Tiiv will also use this operation to test the PCs loyalties and see if they can be trusted in his organization.

If the PCs are new to Legends of the Galaxy or this storyline, they are hired by Tyrius Sysworks Syndicate to pull of this protection job.  If the PCs wish to learn more about Ranem Tiiv or Tyrius Sysworks Syndicate and succeed with Triumph they will be aware that it is a part of Black Sun.  Otherwise they will know basic information that it is a criminal syndicate which has dealings throughout the Savareen Sector.  If the PCs did not attempt a check or failed they only know they are working for a Businessman of significant influence in the local Rodia star system.

Ranem Tiiv will call the PCs to his office at the top of a tower in Karsteeku a domed city of Rodia.  Here he will give the PCs the Contract in clearing the name of Lt. See Bonuda a Rodia asset of Ranem Tiiv’s for the murder of Dr. Gena Tan.  If Dr. Tan did not survive the Across the River adventure then it will be the person whom took over her work.

Mission Objectives

Mission Objectives

  1. Meet with Lt. Bonuda and hear his story
  2. Capture the Data Card from local police
    1. Attack the Convoy
    2. Perform the Heist
  3. Protect Lt. Bonuda in the final showdown

Faction Mission Objectives:

  • Black Sun: The recovery of the Dr Gena Tan’s Data helps Black Sun work towards its goal of turning Tempest Spice into a weapon to be used in the Hutt Turf War they are instigating.

Ways to Expand the Adventure

The Issue at Hand:  The PCs are introduced to this adventure when Ranem Tiiv invites them to his tower.  Here in his tower the PCs are allowed to view a pit fight in his private arena.  Here they see Stim, fully recovered after being given more Juice by Ranem Tiiv, fighting other individuals and defeating them mercilessly.  Ranem Tiiv seems very thrilled and excited at the results of the Juice and can’t wait to further see it come into production.  It is after viewing this entertainment that the PCs are given their mission.  

Ranem Tiiv will introduce the mission as a series of unfortunate events.  He will make it seem like his organization is under attack.  A scientist murdered… His own asset being accused responsible… and Ranem “The Glove” Tiiv needing to deal with this situation.  Ranem Tiiv will comment that he believes that Bollin the Grey may be somewhat involved.  This is foreshadowing of the next few adventures in the One Shot First series as the PCs will have interactions with Bollin the Grey.  It is important to note that the GM should be somewhat vague on Ranem Tiiv’s motivations.  He knows more than he lets one which the PCs are to come to discover as the mission goes on and if not before for sure during the Conclusion expanded encounter.    

In a Haystack:  The GM is encouraged to really expand and follow the PCs own methods for how they perform their planning towards recovering the trumped up evidence against Lt. Bonuda.  The GM should treat this as a free form section expanding upon the direction the PCs choose to follow. 

Conclusion:  Depending on what side the PCs took during the Showdown will influence how the Conclusion of the adventure goes.  If the PCs did not review the data than Ranem “The Glove” Tiiv will be pleased with their loyalty.  If the PCs reviewed the data and successfully brought Lt. Bonuda before Ranem Tiiv they will surprisingly discover Ranem Tiiv is pleased even embracing Lt. Bonuda and thanking him for his operations.  It will be then learned that Lt. Bonuda killed Dr. Gena Tan under his direction because she was turning on Ranem Tiiv and going to the authorities over the recovered Bio-Weapons data cache recovered in Across the River.  If the PCs killed Lt. Bonuda or if Lt. Bonuda was captured by the local authorities, Ranem Tiiv will be most displeased and the PCs will not have earned his trust and respect.

Next Recommended Adventure to Run

Justice be Served Story Elements

Story Elements are to be documented on the Player Character’s Adventure Logs as proof of what story elements they have completed during game play.

Where the PCs able to successfully recover the datacard from the PSF? How did they recover it? Did they run afoul of the local security?

Did the PCs view the holo recording? If so what did they choose to do after viewing it? Did they notify Ranem Tiiv of what they saw before confronting Lt. Bonuda?

Which side of the conflict did the PCs choose? What was the end fate of Lt. Bonuda? Did the Local Police Arrest Him, Was he Killed, Did the PCs turn him over to Ranem Tiiv?

Adventure Page

Download the Adventure Log

Player Rewards

XP Rewards

Objective Complete XP Earned
Recovered the Datacard 10 xp
Informed Ranem Tiiv of Lt. Bonuda 5 xp
Defeated, rescued, captured, or killed Lt. Bonuda 5-10 xp
Good Roleplaying: playing to obligations and motivations 1-5 xp

Equipment Rewards

DH-17 Blaster Carbine



Player’s may select this Equipment Reward and add it to their character sheet. Please note, characters may select only a single Equipment Reward for playing this adventure.


DL-7H Heavy Blaster Pistol



Player’s may select this Equipment Reward and add it to their character sheet. Please note, characters may select only a single Equipment Reward for playing this adventure.


Security S-5 Blaster Pistol



Player’s may select this Equipment Reward and add it to their character sheet. Please note, characters may select only a single Equipment Reward for playing this adventure.


C-10 Stun Grenade



Player’s may select this Equipment Reward and add it to their character sheet. Please note, characters may select only a single Equipment Reward for playing this adventure.


Information, cheat sheets, and equipment rewards may be downloaded and printed for use during Star Wars: Legends of the Galaxy Game Play Events.