The Hangover is a funny satire one shot bonus adventure based on (2009) The Hangover movie directed by Todd Phillips and Staring Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper, & Justin Bartha.  See full cast & crew.

This roleplaying adventure is meant just for fun and is not to be taken seriously.  Players who participate in this event should try not to predict the outcome based on The Hangover movie and should be ready to go along for the ride.

This Hangover roleplaying adventure is set in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game. and is meant for use with Star Wars: Edge of the Empire™ by Fantasy Flight Games.  We have taken some liberties in making adjustments to the plot of the movie to help it better fit into a Star Wars Roleplaying Adventure.  This adventure is meant for laughter and a good time. This particular adventure was written by Daniel and is featured online his website.  Click Here

Expand the Adventure

Prepping the Adventure

Leaving the Hotel

As the players head out to investigate what happened the can begin by following the clue of the Valet Ticket with a gold embossed “G”.  The Valet service can identify the Valet Ticket for access to a secure lock box at the Gold Casino hotel located in Port Town.  If the PCs ask questions about the Gold Casino it is controlled by the Cloud City Tycoon Vorse Tabarith.  If the Valet is asked about what happened the night prior he promises to keep his mouth shut and refuses to discuss.  The PCs may continue to press but will Valet will continue to comically try to avoid the topic.  If threatened he will admit he does not know what happened what what ever it was it looked epic.  He will offer to get the PCs vehicle.

As the PCs wait the hotel manager will see the PCs trying to leave and ask about the 10,000 credit bill the PCs rang up with their high-class room and room service.  The PCs will need to negotiate to stall payment.

Eventually the Valet will arrive with an obviously stolen Wing Guard Cloud Car.  Inside the vehicle storage are poker chips for “The Gold” Casino valued up to 1,000 credits.

The Gold – Cloud City Casino

As the PCs continue their investigation they located the Gold cloud city casino.  It is docked just outside of Port town.  The casino is not located inside Cloud City.  It floats on its own platform and is tethered by cables and accessible through a narrow bridge walkway.

In order to enter the Casino the PCs are obligated to remove all of their weapons.  They are given a ticket to reclaim their gear when they exit the casino.

At the casino the PCs have several options when it comes to events.  The Casino is filled with games of chance including Sabacc. If the PCs play sabacc allow them to meet and play against the smuggler known as Bo Sheck.  Other events the PCs can attend is the shock boxing event to watch Barabel shock boxers go at it.  The PCs can participate in one of the fights if they choose.  Playing on holoscreens in several locations of the Casino is the replaying of the Cloud City Grand Prix.

No matter what the PCs choose to do at the Casino before they are able to check out the safe deposit box they are interrupted by Casino Private Security in fancy suits.  The PCs are escorted to a private rooftop garden to see Vorse Tabarith.  If asked where they are being taken they are only told the Boss wants to see them.

When the PCs meet with Vorse Tabarith they quickly learn that the PCs took a smuggling job for Vorse last night.  They were to smuggle an illegal cash payment of 50,000 credits.  The PCs took the money and never made the delivery. At this point in time award the PCs obligation in the amount of 10 obligation each PC.  Vorse wants his money back.  To ensure that the PCs don’t run he shows footage of what looks like Lando with a black hood on his head covering his face.  It appears that Lando is tied to a chair.  If the PCs protest at all or threaten to go to the police in any way one of Vorse’s men begins to beat the hooded Lando with one of the PCs turned in weapons.  With negotiation the PCs can get between 4-8 hours to return him his money or he will kill Lando and the PCs weapon which will be the murder weapon with conveniently be turned over to the Wing Guard.  Then he threatens to come after the rest of the PCs.

The PCs are released and now are allowed to investigate the safe deposit box.  Here the PCs are able to locate additional clues to what happened including a Napkin with a lipstick kissed on it.  The Napkin also contains a com number.  It also has a holo recording of the PCs on the roof of the hotel they were staying in.  It will suggest that the PCs may have hidden something on the rooftop.  If the PCs return to their hotel and head to the roof they locate a stashed box with 22,000 credits located inside.

The PCs are not allowed to reacquire their weapons and gear until after the pay Vorse back.

Making Money

In order to free Lando the PCs need to find a way to turn the 22,000 credits in their possession into 50,000 credits (or 60,000 credits if they wish to pay their hotel bill as well.)  The PCs are allowed to each take a turn at winning credits back at the Casino.  Each turn takes the PCs 1 hour of actual time to complete.  So the PCs need to be careful not to waste all of their time on poor bets.  The PCs can do this by stealing or seducing chips away from other gamblers, playing Sabacc in hopes of winning big, Selling gear, Fighting in the Shock Boxing ring at the Gold Casino.  If the PCs still fall short allow them to take on obligation to settle the difference.

When the PCs return to Vorse to pay the bill due the quickly discover that the person Vorse was holding hostage was not Lando but instead Gerrol Hunn a famous local racer.  If the PCs fall short on obtaining the credits by 5,000 or less then Vorse will let them off the hook but the PCs must agree to do another job for them for free.  This is the hook that will lead into Enemy of my Enemy which is the next Legends of the Galaxy Adventure Path.  If the PCs have paid all of the credits back Vorse will still insist they do the Enemy of my Enemy job stressing that they owe him for not turning them in to the Wing Guard for Lando’s disappearance.

Gerrol Hunn was one of the racers the PCs races against in the Cloud City Grand Prix.  He thanks the PCs for rescuing him and tells them to take him back to their hotel room to recover his pet Monocle and he refuses to speak to the PCs until he knows his Monocle is safe and sound.  

Upon Leaving the Gold Casino, the PCs are allowed to get their gear back.

Back at the Hotel

Upon returning to the PCs hotel room they quickly discover that Lobot is there waiting for them.  Along with Lobot are a few of Lando’s most loyal Wing Guards.  It is quickly apparent that this is not an official Wing Guard Operation when one of the guards immediately begins to beat Gerrol Hunn unconscious.

If the PCs insist how they found them, Lobot will explain that one of the PCs carelessly left behind their jacket in a cage of Lando’s private zoo.  Inside the jacket was their hotel room key.

If the PCs choose to try to fight back at this point Lobot will be quick to remind them that Lando runs this city and has the backing of the entire police force and that if they try something he will be sure they end up incarcerated for live.  Lobot continues to explain that the PCs that not only do they need to locate and return Lando unharmed but they must also return his pet Nexu to his private zoo.  If the PCs need further motivation he will insist that they have holo footage of the night prior implicating the PCs.

The PCs must now find a way to bring the Nexu back alive.

Moving the Nexu

Now the PCs have the challenge of moving the giant angry Nexu out of the refresher and safely into some kind of transport to bring it back to Lando’s private zoo.  The PCs can attempt to sedate the Nexu or coax it out of the hotel room using Gerrol Hunn’s pet Monocle as bait. If the players attempt to use the Kowakian Monkey Lizard as bait the Nexu seems uninterested.  It will only go after the Monocle.  If the PCs knocked the Nexu out they need to disguise it by wrapping it in bed sheets and convincing anyone who sees them that they are moving their drunk Hutt friend.  

The PCs can use skills like cool to try to avoid notice moving the Nexu disguised as a Hutt. If they fail they can use Deception to convince others of their lie. The PCs can use Skulduggery to pick locks to get the Nexu to the freight elevator.  Stealth can be used to avoid the attention of security as they traverse the hotel.  Finally Deception and Charm are good uses for distracting the hotel concierge service as they attempt athletics or coordination to load the Nexu into their vehicle.

Once the Nexu is safely delivered Lobot will press the PCs on where Lando is.  The PCs are allowed to admin to Lobot that they don’t know what happened.  Lobot will allow the PCs to view the holo recordings that he has of the PCs.  They will see footage of them stumbling through Lando’s estate wasted.  One PC is seen peeing in Lando’s private pool, falling over things, breaking some art sculpture, and arguing wish a bush.  They see footage of the PCs stealing the Nexu.  With a successful Hard Perception check the PCs can notice that when they were making their get away with the Nexu they did not have enough room in their vehicle to fit Lando and he crawled in the vehicle storage compartment.

The PCs are then able to rush to their vehicle and need to make a successful Average Mechanics check to fix the jammed lock to find finally locate Lando who was passed out the entire time.  He wakes with a charming, “Hello what do we have here.”

Review Player Adventure Logs

A Game Master should ask to review the Player Character’s Adventure Logs at the beginning of the session to see if any of the stories they have preiously run may impact the results of this adventure.

  • Jewel of Yavin Act 3: Escape to the Clouds: If the players have turned the Jewel of Yavin over to Lando Calrissian at the end of this module. It can be introduced as the reason the players went out partying with Lando.
  • Jewel of Yavin Act 3: Escape to the Clouds: The fate of Arend Shen may be relevant as if he is still out there seeking Revenge on the Players then the GM may want to introduce a bonus encounter where they engage in combat.
  • Jewel of Yavin Act 2: The Greatest Caper: Depending on how the PCs interacted with Vorse Tabarith during the Gala could slightly affect their relationship in this adventure.  A GM can bring up references to that module when the PCs interact with Vorse.
  • Jewel of Yavin Act 1: Odds and Opportunities:  If the Players won the Cloud City Grand Prix people may recognize them during this adventure and the players may attempt to collect their 20,000 credit winnings.

How to Introduce the Characters

In Legends of the Galaxy we place The Hangover adventure directly after the end of Jewel of Yavin.  It is intended for use if the PCs go respectable and turn the Jewel over to Lando Calrissian.  After turning in the Jewel Lando invites the PCs for a night on the town.  The problem is they wake up with no knowledge of what has transpired.

Have each PC make a Resilience check without a difficulty dice to determine who wakes up first and in what order do the PCs wake up.  The PCs are wearing weird clothes, or are half nude.  One of the PCs is dressed in a cosplay like costume mocking a Trandoshan and is found submerged in a make shift swimming pool in the sunken living room.  Another PC is wearing a modular backpack on their chest with a Kowakian Monkey-Lizard strapped to them.

As the characters wake up one by one, describe the lavish yet ruined environment they find themselves in a Cloud City Casino Hotel.  The PCs have a hangover and begin play with their total Strain Threshold reduced by 2.  If a player triggers obligation reduce the triggering PC’s Strain Threshold by an additional 2 for a total of 4.

The room the PCs find themselves in is trashed.  The sunken living room floor has been filled in with water and a hose is stretched towards the bathroom and runs under the door.    Inside the bathroom is a wild Nexu.

The only clue as to what happened is a valet ticket in one of the PCs pocket. It is embossed with a golden “G”.

Upon further inspection Lando is nowhere to be found.  There is a holovid that is flashing on and off detailing that Baron Administrator Lando Calrissian is missing and the Cloud City Wing Guard are searching for the anyone in connection with Lando’s disappearance.

Mission Objectives

In the Hangover you have 1 major objective.

  •  Locate the missing Baron Administrator, Lando Calrissian


Ways to Expand the Adventure

In the original Hangover adventure it is mean to be run during the events of The Jewel of Yavin Act 1: Odds and Opportunity.  This does not fit well in Legends of the Galaxy as we cannot have an adventure in an adventure.  So we have changed the story some.  The adventure is meant to be run after the events of Jewel of Yavin.  This bonus adventure is to be run only if the PCs remained on Cloud City and went respectable and turned the Jewel of Yavin over to Lando on Cloud City.

During the adventure replace interactions with Lando so the PCs instead interact with Lobot.  Lando will take the role of the missing PC.

Through out this adventure the PCs should be on the run from investigating Wing Guard Officers.  The GM is encouraged to allow random encounters.

Furthermore, of a PCs previous obligation triggers be sure to add in a complication to the story related to that PCs obligation.

Recommended Next Adventure to Run

The Hangover Story Elements

Story Elements are to be documented on the Player Character’s Adventure Logs as proof of what story elements they have completed during game play.

Were the PCs able to get all of the credits back to Vorse Tabarith and do they owe him an additional obligation?

Were the PCs able return the Nexu unharmed?

Did the PCs manage to follow all of the clues, piece together their epic night partying with Lando, and locate where they lost the missing Baron Administrator.

Adventure Page

Download the Adventure Log for Jewel of Yavin Act 1: Odds and Opportunity!

Player Rewards

XP Rewards

Objective Complete XP Earned
Successfully paid Vorse Tabarith back 5-10 xp
Safely trasport the Nexu back to Lando’s 10 xp
Locate Lando Calrissian 5 xp
Avoided Cloud City Wing Guard Attention 5 xp
Good Roleplaying: playing to obligations and motivations 1-5 xp

Equipment Rewards

Gungan Spit



Player’s may select this Equipment Reward and add it to their character sheet. Please note, characters may select only a single Equipment Reward for playing this adventure.


Storm IV Cloud Car



Player’s may select this Equipment Reward and add it to their character sheet. Please note, characters may select only a single Equipment Reward for playing this adventure.


MK. IV Modular Backpack



Player’s may select this Equipment Reward and add it to their character sheet. Please note, characters may select only a single Equipment Reward for playing this adventure.


Kowakian Monkey-Lizard



Player’s may select this Equipment Reward and add it to their character sheet. Please note, characters may select only a single Equipment Reward for playing this adventure.





Player’s may select this Equipment Reward and add it to their character sheet. Please note, characters may select only a single Equipment Reward for playing this adventure.


Information, cheat sheets, and equipment rewards may be downloaded and printed for use during Star Wars: Legends of the Galaxy Game Play Events.