Here at Legends of the Galaxy we play the Star Wars Roleplaying Games created by Fantasy Flight Games.  These include:

  • Edge of the Empire
  • Age of Rebellion
  • Force and Destiny
I am a huge fan of what Fantasy Flight Games has created.  This is not your typical roleplaying system of dice with success and failure.  With Fantasy Flight Games the Dice are story tellers.  I have never discovered a game that was so heavily focused on Story.  Star Wars for me has always been about amazing story in a Galaxy Far, Far Away.  This is why I gravitate to both Star Wars and the FFG RPG game.  I have discovered many players say they don’t want to try the game because of the funny symbol dice.  But 100% of the time when I get them to try they discover this is now their favorite game and the Dice are what make this game so amazing.  That was part of the basis for creating Legends of the Galaxy.  It is a way to help people discover this amazing Star Wars Roleplaying Game.  Below is a great video Fantasy Flight Games released when they launched the game system.


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Author: NicoJMont

Creator of the Star Wars: Legends of the Galaxy Roleplaying Community