Taking over Fantasy Flight Games Event Center!

With over 20 players in attendance and 3 GMs, LEGENDS OF THE GALAXY, held its first Fantasy Flight Games Take Over.  Even the developers got involved in the play.  We gave away $100 in free prizes to people who participated in the game.



The Age of Rebellion table ran REBEL BREAKOUT an adventure originally written for the West End Games Star Wars RPG and converted for Fantasy Flight Games’ Age of Rebellion Game.  Our HEROES attempt to join the REBEL ALLIANCE was not without peril as the EVIL GALACTIC EMPIRE showed up at MESA 291 and ruined their day.  Lucky to escape in a squadron of Y-wing starfighters our HEROES meet up with a REBEL CELL run by THE BARON…



The Edge of the Empire table ran ENEMY OF MY ENEMY Part 1.  In the wind swept skies of Bespin our HEROES were given what seemed like  a milk run mission to deliver fine wines, only to find their contact dead.  Things turned from bad to worse when the CLOUD CITY WING GUARD began to pursue them resulting in their detention and BLACKMAIL by an Imperial ISB Agent.  Forced to complete their mission and deliver this cargo to VANQUOR on the opposite side of the galaxy…



The Force and Destiny table ran, MOUNTAINTOP RESCUE, the Force & Destiny Beginner Box adventure.  Our HEROES raced in a fast paced quest to rescue their mentor, a humble scholar, ROMUND, a member of the CHURCH OF THE FORCE, who was vanished at the vile hands of MALEFAX, a servant of THE DARK SIDE.  Racing to the snow-clad slopes of MOUNT TELLEC on the outer rim star system of SPINTIR.  Our HEROES successfully restored balance to the lost JEDI TEMPLE and took their first steps into a larger world…
If you think you missed out then be sure to join us next week as we continue our adventures and become, LEGENDS OF THE GALAXY… 
 Check out our Event Calendar for more details on future LEGENDS OF THE GALAXY Events!


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Author: NicoJMont

Creator of the Star Wars: Legends of the Galaxy Roleplaying Community