A roleplaying game is a cooperative improvisational storytelling experience you play with up to six friends. During the game. players take on the role of a character or characters. each of which contributes to the telling of an exciting story set in the rich fabric of the Star Wars galaxy. You and your friends create the story as you play. using the fantastic Star Wars setting to create sprawling adventures filled with drama, suspense. humor. and combat. You have more than a few opportunities to cross paths with Rebel heroes while combating stormtroopers. bounty hunters. and Imperial villains in your hero’s journey to bring peace to the galaxy and discover a deeper understanding of the Force. Join the Church of the Force and hunt down lost Force Traditions, ancient artifacts, and grow in the ways of the Jedi arts.

The Consular

The Consular focuses on the goal of achieving peace and harmony through positive discourse. Followers of this career try to avoid physical conflict whenever possible. Instead. they have faith in the Force to fuel basic compassion in all sentient beings They believe that it is always more effective to have an intelligent discussion about a problem and then solve it through negotiations and other peaceful means than to engage in conflict to resolve it. They are opposed to needless violence but know that when confronting true evil. they must be willing to take decisive action. A Consular prides himself in knowing when to speak words of peace. and when the time for words is over.

Arbiter - Sora Tu

The Galaxy is full of the poor and the hungry, Sora Tu is no exception. The Galactic Empire stepped in to help these needy people with Imperial work permits.

Ascetic - Costa’cor

The Cosian known as Costa’cor once lived in peace and tranquility of his homeworld until the dark times, until the empire. The once peaceful republic buildings that were allowed on the planet were now under the control of the Galactic Empire, a regime of corruption.

Healer - Belandi

Belandi Feearr was a member of a Mirialan religious order on a Mirialan colony world in the Outer Rim, dwelling in a temple complex that dominated her home city and serving as a healer in the community. Belandi was a member of a movement within her order that called itself the Pacifists, preaching peace and mercy above all other virtues (as opposed to the Benedictors, the Revelers, and the Contemplators, among others, who each held their own interpetations of the Creed).

Niman Disciple - Dal Kir

Dal grew up on tales of the Jedi during the Clone Wars. He dreamed of them at night, and played as them during the day. He was crushed when he saw the oppression of the Empire wipe them out. Then he heard how the Empire did the same to the religious order of Kel Dor sages known as the Baran Do Sages on the Kel Dor homeworld. He knew that what had transpired was wrong. When he discovered he could touch the Force and had the gift he swore to become a Jedi, Guardien of Peace and Justice in the Galaxy, and would restore their order and Overthrow the oppression of the Empire.

Sage - Mer Terix

From an early age Mer did not have the luxury that many in the galaxy do. Her parents, killed, left her an orphan. Her only connection to them a relic of the past in the form of an old journal that once belonged to her mother.

Teacher - Lectra

The galaxy is a large place full of mystery, wonder, and knowledge. Lectra is on a mission to capture and record this information. Setting out from her homeworld on a quest of discovery she finds herself on many adventures as she travels to far off new places. She records and sends what she learns back to the university.

The Guardian

Adherents of the Guardian career are driven by a strong sense of responsibility and compassion They recognize their affinity for the Force gives them the power and responsibility to help the helpless and aid the oppressed. Guardians tend to be blunt and forth right, using their prodigious combat prowess and natural leadership skills to directly intercede where they are needed most

Armorer - Sarenda

Sarenda grew up with too many sisters and not enough space in a farmstead on the planet of Taanab. She was close to her sisters, and protective of them. More than one farmhand found himself face down in the dirt after a rude comment or a teasing gesture. As much as she was protective of her sisters and others, Sarenda did always enjoy seeing bullies get their just deserts.

Peacekeeper - Maize

Maize has been in the fight against the Empire since she was 6 years old. She could not stand for the injustice across the Galaxy and when she was young was fighting against Imperial agression in the streets of her homeworld. She was a wealthy individual from an esteemed family

Protector - Markus Dorivonn

Markus once served in the Grand Army of the Republic, he worked alongside Jedi and Clone Troopers to put an end to the Confederacy of Independant Systems. He was proud to serve in his unit protecting the Galaxy. However, when he witnessed Order 66 being executed he lost hope and saw the Empire as no longer the Republic he once served so he left the military and retired from service.

Soresu Defender - Zan Delga

Driven by the stories of old, Zan Delga is on a quest to restore the Jedi Order to bring peace to the galaxy now turned to War. She will stop at nothing to fulfull what she believes is her destiny

Warden - Benga Morr

Benga Morr has a strong sense of Justice. This comes from being betrayed, wrongfully convicted, and sent to Prison in Smuggler’s Hold all because she seemed to know too much.

Warleader - Ganjy

Ganjy tends to always have a bit of a snarl on his face yet dresses like a noble giving him an intimidating presence.

The Mystic

Characters who follow tile Mystic career are typically born to accept this mantle. From the time they first open their eyes. a strong connection to the Force colors their perception of the world surrounding them. They constantly perceive the ebb and flow of its energies between all living things To many Mystics. the Force is as important a guide and mentor as their family and trusted friends. It teaches them to trust their instincts more than any training or instruction. for those instincts come from the Force.

Advisor - Sal Sor’chan

Sal is old enough to have seen the collapse of the Republic. She was educated enough to know what a democracy was and how the Empire is anything but.

Alchemist - Dal Teranhadi

Dal Teranhadi is a bit of a mad scientist. From an early age he was abandoned on a backwater world when his father was killed while on an expedition. He found himself abandoned in the middle of nowhere. His mother contracted the same virus which he himself seemed to be immune too.

Magus - Serifa Arkoah

Serifa looks far older than she actually is. She also has many tribal tattoos on both her arms and back, runes of ancient knowledge she says.

Makashi Duelist - Josef Kaartenen

Serifa looks far older than she actually is. She also has many tribal tattoos on both her arms and back, runes of ancient knowledge she says.

Prophet - Varook

Varook the Vurk is always seen garbed in ceremonial regalia with expensive jewelry showing off his status.

Seer - Dao

Dao Jodh and his people lived in peace and contemplation on a world they called simply “Home,” and the rest of the galaxy referred to as Jiran VII. Many generations ago, Dao’s ancestors turned their back on the rest of the galaxy and focused their gaze inward, toward inner peace and contemplation.

The Seeker

It is not uncommon for some Force adepts to feel compelled to travel throughout the galaxy to aid those in need and to oppose those who use the dark side. White some might focus their attentions in cities and urban centers. the need can be just as great far from the heart of galactic civilization . A Force adept who is willing and able to travel and work in these environments can help ease crushing poverty or crippling plagues of hunger and disease. He can also discover new Force techniques. find sensitives in need of training, and at times halt dangerous threats that could otherwise fester in isolation. A Seeker must be capable of doing all of these things, white traveling far from any meaningful support network.

Ataru Striker - Xarlov Kiln

Xarlov long idolizes the Jedi Order following the tenants of their Jedi Code. This is a tradition taught to him by a surviving Jedi Knight who taught him in the ways of the Force before he was killed by the Empire. Xarlov vows to follow in his master’s footsteps and complete his training to become a Jedi..

Executioner - Toche Symballa

Toche has several small cut scars on his Lekku from many years fighting in the tunnels below the surface of Ryloth.

Hermit - Alanu

With two mouths and four throats, Ithorians have a unique natural weapon they can call upon when threatened. Each time the Ithorian uses this ability, he suffers 3 strain

Hunter - Kaveri

Kaveri Ra was seperated from her family at a young age. Having lived a nomadic lifestyle until that time, moving constantly from planet to planet, she continued in that vein after her parents vanished.

Navigator - Nemo Poof

Nemo wears a large wide brimmed hat.Quermians have four arms and gain an additional free maneuver per turn. They still may not perform more than two maneuvers per turn, however.

Pathfinder - Kasuni Tamm

The galaxy is a mystical place full of wonder galor. Kasuni is awe struck by the wonders of the galaxy always on a search for new mystical ruins or backwater places

The Sentinel

Every city has its secrets, and every shining beacon of civilization has its seedy underworld. Within these shadowy depths, miscreants and malcontents prey on the helpless, committing heinous crimes and leaving misery and chaos in their wake. Most law enforcement agencies try to combat criminals without violating the very laws the agencies exist to uphold. Thus, their agents must abide by strict regulations that restrain their behavior. Even institutions that exist to uphold evil laws, such as the Empire, have codes of conduct that apply to their enforcers. The Sentinel, however, plays by his own rules.

Artisan - Tia’A’Moris

From a young age Tik looked to the stars seeing the horizon and wondered what lay beyond. From the start he was on a quest to uncover mysteries and secrets of the universe. After all why just study what is know when you can discover what is unknown. He quickly excelled at math, science, and technology to help him in his pursuits. He learned the art of repairing things that are broken. Had Tik been discovered by the Jedi he would had been properly trained. However, this was not his fate.

Investigator - Nix Pannith

Nix usually has his monicle that helps him track targets and wears a Kyuzo war helmet on his head from his first case.

Racer - Gand

Gand has yet to take a name. Gand is a racer from the Pod Racing Circuit and is proud of his trade. However, as the Galactic Empire began to sieze control over the Galaxy the Podracing Circuits were largely shut down. Despite Gand’s ability to see things before they happen and feel the course as he races, Gand was never able to prove himself and take a name.

Sentry - Aleema Rae

Aleema was a child when the Empire took over the Galaxy. Her parents opposed Imperial Rule from the get go working with disidents who would eventually become the Rebel Alliance. So Aleema has never known anything outside of Rebellion.

Shadow - Tarast

When Tarast Voon was young, he learned that he was touched by the Force. Elated, young Tarast asked if that meant he could join the Jedi Order or Baran Do Sage Order, but it was not to be; young as he was, Tarast was considered too old to begin his Jedi training.

Shien Expert - Kai

Kai grew up in the Core World of the Galaxy. She never knew anything outside of Imperial rule and at a young age joined the academy and Imperial training.

The Warrior

Though the lightsaber is an iconic weapon for many Force users, some dedicate themselves wholly to becoming paragons of strife. These dangerous individuals are known as Warriors. At their most basic, Warriors are focused combatants who use the Force to augment their prodigious martial prowess. Whether flying in the pilot’s seat of a starfighter. wielding a lightsaber on the field of battle. or blazing away with a blaster pistol. Warriors excel in combat of all types.

Aggressor - Borix Hardrow

Borix was a spacer like any other serving aboard his families Tramp Freighter. He use used to traveling the galaxy buying and trading goods to survive. One thing that Borix was known for doing was healing those who were wounded through use of the Force. It was this very ability, to heal others

Colossus - Camar

Camar was a young fighter during the Clone Wars fighting on the side of the Seperatists. However, she was actually a spy for the Republic. When the war ended and the Empire rose to power, Camar did not fit in with their more Human centric New Order

Juyo Berserker - Pon

Pon has a Cybernetic right arm and usually wears as little clothing as possible to show off his arm and abs.Nautolans may breatheunderwater without penalty and never suffermovement penalties for traveling throughwater.

Shii Cho Knight - Zora Sasori

Zora grew up in a world of pain and suffering. She witnessed the cruelty that powerful organizations could bring down on the weak. She witnessed first hand as Crimson Dawn brought their justice down on the people of Sacareen, withnessed as her mother’s tongue was cut out all because of a revolt against them for attempting to seize control of their coaxium refinery. Then and there she vowed she would bring Crimson Dawn to Justice.

Starfighter Ace - Asiago

Steel Hand Adept - Dac Honson

The prized mixed martial arts champion known as Dac has won many championships. From a young age Dac was forced into training for battle, drills, and matial arts championships all the time meant he was always traveling and never able to develop any real friends. As a result Dace wants nothing else than to find real friends