Saturday Jun 16th, 2018 is Free RPG Day!

In celebration of Free RPG Day in 2018 Legends of the Galaxy wants to award an ID-10 Seeker Droid to players who participate in a Star Wars Legends of the Galaxy Event on Free RPG Day.  Be sure to check the event calendar to find events at local game stores, hobby shops, coffee shops, and homes near you.

That means that each player to participates in a Free RPG Day event with Legends of the Galaxy will earn their very own ID-10 Minion Droid Equipment Reward. By bringing their printed character reward, the players are allowed to assemble a minion group from the droids during game events. The total number of droids in the minion group will be equal to the number of PCs who have this Free RPG Day Reward.


Be sure to join Star Wars Legends of the Galaxy for Free RPG Day!


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Author: NicoJMont

Creator of the Star Wars: Legends of the Galaxy Roleplaying Community