Can Anyone Play?

Yes, Legends of the Galaxy is open to the Public and anyone can come and enjoy a Galaxy Far Far Away… 

Where do I start?

It is recommended for players new to RPGs and SWRPG in particular to take advantage of the “Beginner Game” products. These are standalone “lite” versions of the main games that offer all the things you need to run a game for 2-4 PCs + 1 GM for 3-5 hours. Taking place in a linear adventure with pre-made characters, each encounter in the adventure introduces you to the rules of the system, very similar to a tutorial you may see in a video game. If you’re sure that you and your group want to play SWRPG then you can skip the beginner box, pick up a core rulebook. Need a group of friends? Check the Discord Server, Community Forums, and Find Players Near You.

Do I Need to Know Anything About Star Wars?

We allow anyone to play. You may be new to Star Wars, only seen the movies, or know every detail about Cannon or the Extended Universe. We accept all who want to come and play no matter your knowledge of Star Wars Lore.

Is it Free to Play?

Yes, we do not charge anyone to play in Star Wars: Legends of the Galaxy community event. It is Free to Play!

However, we ask that you own at least 1 of the 3 CORE Rule Books, Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, or Force & Destiny. 

You are also expected to own the book which Career / Specialization you wish to play.

How do I Find a Game?

To locate a game near you check out our Event Calendar

Can I Bring my own Character?

Yes, you can bring your own character!

Please use the standard character creation rules laid out in the CORE Rule Book.

When creating your character determine you have a starting party size of 5.

Characters can begin play at Character Creation or at Knight Level (150 earned bonus xp + Signature item).

We only ask that if you bring your own character you own at least 1 of the 3 CORE Rule Books and either the Supplement Book or the Character Deck for the Specialization you wish to play.

We are sure many of you will want to support the product line. Remember through ownership of the game Fantasy Flight will continue to see profits and continue to support and produce the game for your enjoyment.

If you are new to the game and don’t have a character yet, no problem! We have pre-generated characters available for use for new players of the game.

Can I run my own Star Wars RPG Event?

Of course, Legends of the Galaxy is looking for experienced Game Masters willing to host their own game events.  To get started simply read the Organized Play Rules then post an event on our community calendar. It is that simple! If you have additional questions on how to be a Game Master please contact THE BARON.

If you wish to be a Game Master and don’t know any local players feel free to check out our “Find Players Near You” page to locate local players. You can also post a character creation or Star Wars RPG networking event in the calender to meet players who live near you!

Can I write my own Adventures?

Yes! Game Masters are allowed to write their own adventures for Star Wars: Legends of the Galaxy.  Be sure to review the Legends of the Galaxy Play Rules for awarding rewards and XP.  Also, remember you can submit your adventure ideas to the Legends of the Galaxy staff so that we share them with the community.

How do I Handle a Disruptive Player?

If you ever run into a disruptive player who is ruining the fun for everyone at the table. Let your Game Master know.  We have a 3 strike warning rule.  

First the GM will warn the player to stop being disruptive or using inappropriate language.  

Second, the Game Master will pause the game and pull the disruptive player aside in private and see if  what is troubling them and if they would prefer to try and play at a different table as they are not getting along with the table they are playing at.

Third, the disruptive player will be asked to go home for the day.  In extreme cases if a player is disruptive and asked to go home during multiple events, they can be asked to not attend Legends of the Galaxy Events.

Remember,  Legends of the Galaxy is a family friendly event.  We do not tolerate disruptive players.

What is an Adventure Log?

The Adventure Logs in Legends of the Galaxy are meant to track a players; experience, core game mechanic (obligation, morality, duty, group duty), equipment their character carries, contacts, and enemies they have made.  It is to be a record of their Legendary Adventures. The Story Rewards section informs Game Masters of what has transpired during your Character’s past sessions. They can use this information to adjust the sessions they run making all games feel like they are directly tied into your story.

What Does a GM Report to Legends of the Galaxy?

As a Game Master if you report your Adventure Results to the Star Wars: Legends of the Galaxy staff we are able to use this information to influence future Star Wars RPG adventures being written.

To get started make a note of who all attended your game. You may want to collect the player’s names, their e-mail address, and their Character’s name.

Then you will want to take note of the Story Rewards of the adventure and any Legendary Actions the Players may have performed.

At the end of your game events you can report this to our staff and earn credit toward the GM Legendary Awards Program.

Please note, it is not required that a GM report their adventure results. However, it is highly encouraged.

How do I play online on Discord?
To join the Legends of the Galaxy Community Discord Server click here.

You have many options to play Star Wars RPG online, ranging from Roll20 to Tabletop Simulator to even right on the Discord server, or on your own! As the game is played through small groups of around 3-5, finding people to smaller group to play with within this Discord is necessary. On the Community Discord server, play is supported by several bots. Namely @D1-C3, and @RPG Sessions. These bots enable you to roll dice, quickly determine results, and even track character stats! You are welcome to either (a) invite these bots to your own server and set up your game there or (b) play on the Legends of the Galaxy Discord server. 

What if I Don't Know How to Play?

No Problem, the first 30 min of every scenario will be a Learn to Play Session.  You can also check out our YouTube Channel where we will be posting how to play videos.

How Old do I Have to Be to Play?

At Legends of the Galaxy our games are Family Friendly events and accept people of all ages. Players should be old enough to have a basic understanding of how to play roleplaying boardgames.

Parents, don’t worry disruptive players may be asked to leave so you can feel comfortable bringing Star Wars Fans of all ages.

Can I Bring a Friend?

Of course you can. We love seeing new faces join our community of gamers.  Legends of the Galaxy only grows by you telling your friends about it.

What if I don't Own the Star Wars RPG?

No Problem, during your first few sessions you are not required to own any books or products yet. We just want you to come and enjoy the game. We are confident you will love it.

Once you become a regular player, Star Wars: Legends of the Galaxy asks that you own at least one of the Core Rule Books (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny) as well as the supplement book or character talent deck for the Specialization and Career you are choosing to play.

We are sure many of you will want to support the product line. Remember through ownership of the game Fantasy Flight will continue to see profits and continue to support and produce the game for your enjoyment.

How do you Verify my Character's Experience?

After each scenario you will be given an Adventure Log to be filled out by you or your Game Master and sent to you. This will detail your game experience, equipment, story rewards, obligation, duty, morality, contacts, enemies and so much more. Simply bring your Adventure Logs with you to each session in case a Game Master wishes to look up your adventure history.

What is the Timeline for the Living Campaign?

There is no official Timeline that Star Wars: Legends of the Galaxy is set in. You can feel free to create adventures during the Clone Wars ers, Galactic Civil War ers, or the new Force Awakens era. 

Please be aware that the vast majority of content available for download is meant for the adventures set during the Galactic Civil War. With the Death Star having just been destroyed by Luke Skywalker, Ace pilot of the Rebellion and soon to be Jedi Knight. 

Do my Games need to be Public Events?

Legends of the Galaxy was designed for public play at your local hobby shop.

However if you have a close group of friends and want to play in your home. You are free to host a private Legends of the Galaxy group.  Be sure to report your adventure results and have fun in a Galaxy Far, Far away!

Can I Print the Tools from this Website?

Of course, Legends of the Galaxy is all about creating a vast community of players all across the globe.  This website is meant to be a Hub for you to empower you to have the tools to create your own event and become Legends of the Galaxy.

So you can print any of our posters, character sheets, pre-gen characters, cheat sheets, maps, or other helpful tools for use in your game play.

How Does a Game Master fill out the Adventure Log?

The Adventure Log is an essential part of Legends of the Galaxy.  At the end of each session your Game Master will fill out an adventure log documenting your starting stats, what you gained or lost during the adventure, and what your ending stats are.  In addition the Game Master can list a special reward you gained during your play in the adventure log.  This could have been a contact your made, an enemy you gained, or possibly a secret that could affect the outcome of Legends of the Galaxy.  Your decisions matter in Legends of the Galaxy.  Based on the decisions your make your Game Master may recommend a direction for your character to follow for their next Adventures.

What's the difference between Edge of the Empire | Age of Rebellion | Force and Destiny?

Each of these represents one of three campaign systems. They all abide by similar rules, the same dice, and of course, the Star Wars settings. Most importantly, the games are interchangeable! Edge of the Empire, the first of the three games, focuses on scum and villainy, the scoundrels scraping by on the fringes of the war. Age of Rebellion offers adventures for characters fighting in the galactic civil war with the Rebel Alliance. Force and Destiny gives players a chance to explore what it would be like as the remnants of the Jedi hunted by the Empire. Again – the systems are all cross-compatible. Don’t feel like you need to limit your game to one!

Do you cater to Saga / D6 / 5e / or other Star Wars RPGs?
While this website is predominantly built around Fantasy Flight Games and EDGE Studio’s systems, we do welcome our Star Wars RPG friends to use the facilities on this website or on the Discord. Feel free to post questions in the forums, on the Discord, or recruit for your campaigns, no matter the system (so long as it is a tabletop RPG).