Encounter Builder

The Star Wars Galaxy is filled with threats and individuals for the Player Characters to Encounter. This page is an Adversary tracker to help you build encounters and create fun enemies for your players to face.

OggDude GM Tools

Download the OggDude Character Generator and GM Tools. You can build encounters, create your own NPC Adversaries, and much, much more…. Discover this amazing community tool.

Astrogation Computer

Have you ever wanted your own Astrogation Computer for your Star Wars Roleplaying Adventures. With the Star Wars Galaxy Map you can see the location of distant planets, link to the Star Wars Wiki to learn more about the location. Use this to create rewarding places for players to visit.

FFG Star Wars Index

The FFG Star Wars Index is a community idex of al lthings for the Star Wars Roleplaying Systems by Fantasy Flight Games. Discover equipment tables, vehichle stats, adversaries from all of the books. Please note, this tool is not meant to replace your purchasing products. Legends of the Galaxy wants to encourage ownership of game.

Tabletop Audio

This tool provides you access with hundreds of original, 10 minute ambiences and music to enhance your games and stories. Please note none of these sounds are Star Wars in nature.

Star Wars Sound Boards

From Blasterfire to Astromech droid chirps, discover all of the sound effects and wookiee roars from the official StarWars.com Soundboards. This tool wil enhance your game giving your players a fully emersive experience.