GM Legendary Awards

Star Wars: Legends of the Galaxy rewards GMs for volunteering their time to run Adventures for the Star Wars RPG Community.  Any GM who runs an adventure and reports the adventure results back to Legends of the Galaxy will earn credit towards GM Legendary Awards.

You can earn up to 4 Awards, as follows:

      • 25 sessions reported as a GM = 1 Legendary Award
      • 50 sessions reported as a GM = 2 Legendary Award
      • 75 sessions reported as a GM = 3 Legendary Award
      • 100 sessions reported as a GM = 4 Legendary Award

Each time you earn a Legendary Award, you’ll be contacted by the Legends of the Galaxy Staff. You’ll be sent a GM Legendary Reward. For example a free rpg supplement of your choice.

The terms and conditions of GM Legendary Awards can be changed or revoked any time, depending on the support or lack of support from the community. If you want to donate and help fun the GM Legendary Awards program to help encourage GMs to continue to host events you can do so as part of our Patreon program.