Recently it has come to the attention to the Legends of the Galaxy Community that there is some confusion on how to handle Group Contribution when playing Star Wars Legends of the Galaxy.

Issue #1

Players will join a random table and the total group duty equals 100 for the table and everyone at the table gains a Group Contribution rank.  This often causes new recruits to quickly increase their rank in the Rebellion while more seasoned rebel players never gain a Group Contribution and thus rank increase.  This has caused a situation where the randomness of your table in Legends of the Galaxy has created a much more random effect in a character’s overall Group Contribution.

Issue #2

A GM awards Duty for a given action to a party.  Each member of the party takes the Duty as a reward on their Adventure Log thus increasing the entire table very quickly.  This further increases the randomness of the rank increases for being at the right table during the right game.

Group Contribution Rule:

After talking among our various Game Masters as well as discussing the topic with Fantasy Flight Games, Game Developers, Legends of the Galaxy has decided to use Group Contribution on more of an individual player’s score rather than a total group score.  When your individual character gains a total of 100 Duty you individually gain a Group Contribution rank increase and grow your overall rank in the Rebellion.  This will better reflect a rank increase based on the character’s own actions.

Furthermore, when a Game Master Awards between 5 and 15 duty during a particular scenario that duty is divided and distributed evenly among the party members.


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Author: NicoJMont

Creator of the Star Wars: Legends of the Galaxy Roleplaying Community