Often we hear players or game masters alike contacting us here at Legends of the Galaxy frustrated with not being able to find local players or GMs available to play. Legends of the Galaxy wants to provide some helpful tips to getting a Star Wars Legends of the Galaxy roleplaying group together.

1. Post an Event in the calendar

Legends of the Galaxy recommends that if you do not know any players or GMs in your area, consider posting a character creating night in the event calendar.  We recommend you add the tag #looking-for-group, #public, #looking-for-player, #online-game as keywords of the event. Don’t forget to add a keyword for your state and local city too.  By adding keywords it makes it easier for people to use the search features to try and find games in your area.  To add an event into the Legends of the Galaxy calendar all you need to do is fill out our event form online.  – Click Here

Don’t forget once you have created your event.  Share that event on social media!

2. Talk to your local game stores

Next, your local game store or hobby shop can be a great resource when looking for a group.  We recommend you head over to your local game store and talk to the store owners.  You can download one of our official flyers or create your own and ask to post a flyer on their in store or online event boards.  Remember, they may know of other players or game masters similar to yourself whom they can help you network with.  Plus, anytime someone buys some of the product they may even help promote your group who are looking for Players and GMs to their customer.

3. Check out the Legends of the Galaxy Player Location Page

Legends of the Galaxy has a Player Location page where you can view a google map with the general location of players and game masters all across the world.  Search the map for your local area.  If you see a pin with local players and GMs try clicking on the pin to get the discussion board handle for that player or GM.  Then head over to our discussion boards to send them a private message seeing if they want to get a game going.

4. Post a forum thread in our discussion boards

Legends of the Galaxy hosts a discussion board which you can post a discussion thread about your desire to look for a group. Be sure to note your location in your post so other players who read the discussion boards can help locate you.

5. Ask the BARON for help

Send a message to THE BARON asking for his help in locating a player.  The Baron can always post official social media posts to help you locate players in your area.

By following these useful ideas we hope that you were able to meet new friends and form your own Star Wars Legends of the Galaxy group filled with Adventure and Excitement in a Galaxy Far, Far Away….

We hope it was helpful and want to wish you good luck on assembling your Legends of the Galaxy group!


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Author: NicoJMont

Creator of the Star Wars: Legends of the Galaxy Roleplaying Community