Recently someone questioned “Do you use the Move Power or Bink Power to Force Push or Pull a person?”  Let’s see what Sam Stewart of Fantasy Flight Games has to say.

Question: I have a question regarding Force Push and Force Pull. If you look at the canon, including the movies and cartoons, we see a number of instances where Force Push and Force Pull are not used as a “ranged attack” to hurl individuals at other individuals. Rather, they are often used to pull targets to the user or push them away at relatively high speed, but not necessarily injuring them. 

For example: Yoda Force Pushes Palpatine across a room causing him to tumble head over heels across his desk and land in a jumble on the floor, but otherwise unharmed, Kanan using Force Push to propel his allies across a chasm. Kylo Ren to yank a First Order Officer to him from across the room, and later to shove Rey back several meters resulting in her colliding with a tree, and staggered, but otherwise unhurt. Now, based upon the RAW, these all fit within the Bind movement upgrade the full text of which states on page 286 of F&D: “Spend Force Point to immediately move the target one range band toward or away from the user.” Now, to me that reads Force Push and Force Pull. Yet many other claim that Move is the only power to use for Force Push and Force Pull no matter what; even if you’re not trying to use it as a ranged attack in order to inflict wound damage (ala the Move Hurl upgrade), and you, yourself stated that the base Move power only moves things (and people) at roughly walking speed. So my question is, CAN you use Bind’s movement upgrade for these non-wound inflicting uses of Force Push and Force Pull, as the upgrade seems to be intended, or are you required to always use Move no matter your intent? And if it is the latter then what is the point of the Bind Movement upgrade if it is not to simulate Force Push and Force Pull?  Because, as written, that upgrade describes those abilities to a tee. 

Sam: You can use Bind to move people closer to you and further away from you, as per its upgrade. You can also use Move to move people closer to you and further away from you, as per the upgrade. Does it really matter what Force power you use to shove someone away from you? The end result is the same.

Sam Stewart
RPG Manager
Fantasy Flight Games


Information found on the Fantasy Flight Forums – FFG Developer Answered Questions



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