Recently someone questioned could the Move Power be used to allow your character to fly. Lets see what Sam Stewart of Fantasy Flight Games has to say.

Question: Hello there! I have a query posed by a friend: is the Move power designed to allow the Force user (the one using the power) to fly? Barring that, can a Force user levitate something that he is standing on, and in *that* manner fly around? My take is that it allows the Force user to affect anything outside himself, but not his own body or things that he is standing on. That’s what we went with, but I would appreciate any insight into the intent of the power’s design! Thanks

Sam: Move was actually left a little intentionally vague on that regard, because we wanted people to have the chance to come up with their own creative uses when necessary. So, to answer your question; yes, it’s not unreasonable that you could use Move to fly.

However, as with anything, there are some caveats and risks involved. First, you’ll be using pretty much all your concentration to keep yourself aloft, and moving very slowly. (In game terms, you’re spending at least an action every turn to activate the Move power, and move somewhere). In addition, once you’re aloft, failing that Force power check is going to have some very unpleasant consequences!

You could turn to the “Moving and Duration” sidebar on page 299 for some ideas on how to commit a die to stay hovering, rather than making a check every turn. However, if I was the GM I would be well within my rights to say that while you could “hover” in place by committing a die, if you wanted to actually move somewhere else, you’d need to make another check. In addition, if you keep trying to keep yourself aloft, you’re going to tire yourself out quickly, and start suffering strain (also covered in that sidebar).

In short, it is possible to Move yourself with Move. However, it’s difficult, slow, and potentially dangerous, which is why most Jedi use Enhance to get around, or just purchase an airspeeder!

Hope this helps!

Sam Stewart
RPG Manager
Fantasy Flight Games

Information found on the Fantasy Flight Forums – FFG Developer Answered Questions


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