Legends of the Galaxy wants to invite our community to help support one of our favorite local game shops!

Crystal and Mike started Characterz Cafe in Pleasanton with a dream to spread joy, fun, and caffeine to people far and wide. It’s a place where individuals and groups can go to socialize, play games, and enjoy a lovely cuppa joe or a snack. But life can get in the way of small business.

Crystal has endured injury, illness, and a very complicated pregnancy. She was put on bed rest and the shop had very little help available to remain open for full days during this time. Unfortunately, this put them a bit behind. The landlord has reached the end of his generosity and of giving extensions. To keep Characterz going, enough to get to the next step in climbing the mountain of success…Crystal needs a helping hand. Please give what you can and let’s see if we can help our friend get her feet back under her.

“I’m afraid to ask for acceptance… because I don’t want to give up. I mean if I have to… I recognize all the amazing people and things I have in my life because of that space and the shop… so I’m grateful. I just feel like there’s more… so much more that space, the shop and I were meant to do.”
– Crystal

If you are in the Pleasanton, California area please make an effort to stop in to this amazing and fun shop:


5424 Sunol Blvd Suite 7
Pleasanton, CA 94566
ph. (952) 462-5567


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Author: NicoJMont

Creator of the Star Wars: Legends of the Galaxy Roleplaying Community