Guidelines for writing Legends of the Galaxy Adventures:

As a Community Driven Organized Play we rely on the community to help contribute for us to grow.  Game Masters from all around the world can submit story ideas and adventure write ups to be used as official play. By sharing ideas with the community we all can take the story of Legends of the Galaxy to amazing and exciting new heights.  Legends of the Galaxy will share well written adventures with the community and include these stories approved for official play.  If you are creating your own adventures and wish to share them with the community


Adventure Guidelines

Length of Adventure: Adventures submitted to Legends of the Galaxy can be stand alone one shot adventures or they can be up to a 4 Act Story arch that is meant to be run over multiple sessions.  Each session should be able to be played between 4 – 5 hours, consist of 3 – 4 encounters, (both combat and noncombat encounters), at fit within overall story of Legends of the Galaxy.  Each Act or Session should have a clear, beginning, middle and end with clear goals for the players to achieve.
Game System:  When writing an adventure it is important to specify which product the adventure is being written towards.  Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny.  Each game has it’s own CORE MECHANIC ie Obligation, Duty, or Morality.  A GM should introduce each story using several different core mechanic styles in order to help a Game Master work why the players want to complete this mission.
Boxed Text:  It is helpful to get the setting, encounter, and tone of the adventure correct as intended by the original writer of the adventure.  Boxed Text is important and should be attached to each encounter to describe the situation or to be used as reference when a Player Character tries to ask questions about a specific mission or interrogation.
Balancing Encounters: It is important that game balance exists when writing an encounter for a Legends of the Galaxy game.  When using minions a game master should typically break minions into groups of 2 to 3 minions per group.  Game Masters should follow the following guide.

Very Easy Encounter – Equal number of minions to the party size

Moderate Encounter  – Equal number of minions to the party size and 1 rival

Moderate Encounter – Equal number of minions to the party size and either 1 to 2 rivals

Hard Encounter – Equal number of minions to the party size, and 1 nemesis

Extreme Encounter – Equal number of minions to the party size, and nemesis with ranks in advisory talent

Boss Encounter – Nemesis with 2 to 3 ranks in advisory or using the Inquisitor rules

Mass Scale War – If the party is ever in a situation where they face impossible odds like a mass scale battle.  The Game Master should use the Mass Combat Rules from Age of Rebellion to determine the overall battle.  The Player characters should still follow encounters with a guide similar to the above encounter sizes.

Locations: GMs are encouraged to write stories that occur in a specific setting and can flush out the location giving players and GMs alike a rewarding environment to play.  Think about creating exciting locations, fun locals to work with, and make sure that your story feels like it is set in the Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Legendary NPCs

Legendary Characters: Game Masters will create and introduce lots of NPC characters that players may encounter.  Having great personalities for your NPCs is important.  See the below table to use as a guide.  In addition, GMs may introduce characters from Star Wars Canon like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, etc.  However, those characters should be used lightly and must follow Star Wars Canon.

50 Personality Traits:

If you’re having trouble coming up with something unique about a Non-Player Character, roll on the table below once or twice to provide some inspiration on providing a personality for that character. Ignore opposing or inappropriate results.

D100 Personality Trait D100 Personality Trait
01-02 Angry 51-52 Easily Startled
03-04 Morose 53-54 Jovial
05-06 Perky 55-56 Nervous tic
07-08 Allergic 57-58 Grossly Overweight
09-10 Suspicious 59-60 Aggressive
11-12 Fidgets 61-62 Bad Breath
13-14 Bad Odor 63-64 Amorous
15-16 Helpful 65-66 Condescending
17-18 Easily Distracted 67-68 Missing limb
19-20 Vain 69-70 Lapses in language
21-22 Raspy Voice 71-72 Very old
23-24 Silent 73-74 Unusual voice
25-26 Obsequious 75-76 Fearful of germs
27-28 Out of style 77-78 Giggles incessantly
29-30 Childish 79-80 Clueless
31-32 Chatty 81-82 Hates droids
33-34 Dry-humored 83-84 Dim-witted
35-36 Absent minded 85-86 Snooty
37-38 Gluttonous 87-88 Brash
39-40 Dressed flamboyantly 89-90 Gearhead
41-42 Bored 91-92 Hard of hearing
43-44 Wracking cough 93-94 Gruff
45-46 Xenophobic 95-96 Conniving
47-48 Rude 97-98 Missing eye
49-50 Walks with limp 99-100 Hiding Something

Player Rewards

XP Rewards:  Legends of the Galaxy tries to standardize the XP awards a submitted adventure can offer to a player.  A typical scenario awards around 25-30xp.  GMs should award XP as follows: 


      • minimum of 10xp for the session or act played
      • 5xp for each mission objective the PCs achieved upto a maximum of 5 mission objectives
      • 5xp for an individual PC for completing a Legendary Action
      • up to 5xp for good roleplaying
      • Core Mechanic change (Obligation Decrease or Duty Increase)
Core Mechanic Awards: Game Masters should award points towards the Adventure’s CORE Mechanic based on which system the Adventure was written for (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny.)
Duty:  In Age of Rebellion we use the Duty Mechanic.  Duty should be what drives a character to do Rebel Missions.  A Game Master may award between 5 and 15 Duty points per adventure to players for completing Rebel Missions.  The amount of the award should match the mission completed.  Secondly, a Player who gains a minion or starship can choose to turn over their earned reward for a max of 5 bonus duty points at the end of the session they earned the reward in.  In order for a member of the party to earn Duty they must first choose to join the Rebel Alliance.  When the table reaches 100 total Duty all members of the Rebellion gain a Group Contribution rank increase along with all the benefits detailed in the Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook.
Obligation:  In Edge of the Empire Obligation is the core mechanic.  Players are driven by their obligation as buying and trading favors is the currency of the underworld.  For completing a mission a player can reduce their total Obligation between 5 and 15 points.  However, a player can never reduce their total obligation below a score of 5.
Morality:  In Force and Destiny the core mechanic is called Morality.  This is increased and decreased as per the official rules printed in the Force and Destiny Core Rulebook based on conflict earned.  Game Masters should note that Conflict is not determined by if an action is good or evil.  It is more neutral.  The Conflict check that changes a player’s Morality at the end of the game was the determining factor if a player’s actions were good or bad according to the Will of the Force.
Story Rewards:  Each adventure should have up to 3 pivotal choices a group of players can make which can affect and change overall story of Legends of the Galaxy.  These story rewards should be noted on a player’s Adventure Log and reported when performing GM Reporting.  These decisions will influence the overall story of Legends of the Galaxy future adventure seasons.
Loot Rewards: Players may loot any of the defeated enemies gaining any additional equipment as noted in the stat block used from one of the official Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars RPG Books.  However, all equipment gained as part of looting is not an item they get to keep at the end of the adventure.  It is meant for use during the adventure only.  GMs should create 4 items of gear from the loot-able items and create Equipment Rewards that the PCs earn for playing in your adventure.
Equipment Rewards:   
Every adventure in Legends of the Galaxy awards players with their choice of 1 of 4 potential Equipment Rewards.  Equipment Rewards can be looted items or other rewards a GM deems appropriate for the adventure.  Players only get to select a single Equipment Reward.  Beyond the 4 required equipment rewards a GM can list up to 3 additional optional equipment rewards if certain achievements are completed during the adventure.  These Bonus Equipment Rewards are added to the available Equipment Rewards.  A Player is only allowed to select a single equipment reward for playing in your adventure.  By default a player can always accept 500 credits in lieu of any equipment rewards.  Equipment Rewards to be close to or similar to the Job Pay Scales as per the tables below.

Mission Pay Scales

When determining what the value of any payments or equipment rewards a GM is encouraged to consider what kind of job the PCs are performing and award Equipment Rewards and payments based on the tables below.  To prevent the unbalancing of the Legends of the Galaxy economy GMs are encouraged to make the payment for any adventure more related to their Core Mechanic (Obligation, Duty, or Morality) than a true credit payout.  Small Credit Payouts of less than 1,000 credits for the completion of a job can be provided to each player.  Larger payouts of 10,000 credits or more should be divided equally by the total players at your table.  Furthermore, extremely high payouts should be done in the favor of story rewards or used in the pursuit of things like Rebel Bases, Farmsteads, business, starships, smuggling rings, etc.
The total payout of all credits, and a single equipment rewards should try not to exceed the total value of the jobs pay scales on the below tables.


Bounty Hunter

Job Duration Pay in Credits
Minor Target Per job 300-750
Moderate Target Per job 2,000-10,000
Major Target Per job 15,000-20,000
Legendary Target Per job 25,000-100,000 See exploits on page 94 of No Disintegrations


Bounty Modifiers

When determining the end bounty consider the following modifiers to the end bounty

Factor Bounty Value Modifier
Committed a personal wrong against bounty poster +5-20%
History of Frequent Violence +10%
Target is nearby or easy to locate -40%
Traveling across star systems to locate +20%
Only proof of capture or kill is required -10%
Job is completed in secret +50% See exploits on page 94 of No Disintegrations
No Harm to the target +10%
Apprehension without use of violence +25%
Must avoid collateral damage +20%
Bounty contains a secondary goal like retrieving stolen goods +25%
Target is an inanimate object like a ship -20%
Bounty Hunter is not part of a Guild -10%
Hunter possess exploits See exploits on page 94 of No Disintegrations


Job Duration Pay in Credits
Clerk Monthly salary 1,000-2,000
Ranch Hand Monthly salary 1,500-2,000
Unskilled labor Monthly salary 500-750
Average Specialist Per job 500-3,000
Expert Specialist Per job 2,000-5,000


Hired Gun

Job Duration Pay in Credits
Bodyguard for criminal Per job 2,000-5,000
Bodyguard for Imperial Per job 2,000-5,000
Bodyguard for Famous Public Figure Per job 5,000-10,000
Bodyguard for Lesser Public Figure Per job 3,000-8,000
Bodyguard for Private Individual Per job 500-5,000
Enforcer Per job 500-1,000
Individual Mercenary Job Per job 500-2,000
4-6 Mercenary Rate Per job 6,000-20,000


Law Enforcement

Job Duration Pay in Credits
Small Town Sheriff Monthly salary 2,000-3,000
Police Commissioner Monthly salary 3,000-5,000
Deputy Monthly salary 750-1,200
Detective Monthly salary 2,000-2,500
Sector Ranger Monthly salary 4,000-5,000
Private Eye Daily salary 75-200



Job Duration Pay in Credits
Town Doctor House Call 100-300
Licensed Physician Monthly salary 2,000-4,000
Surgery Team Single operation 5,000-10,000
Cyberneticist Single operation 1,000-20,000



Job Duration Pay in Credits
Performance Per job 500-750
Cantina Band Per Week 1,000-1.500
Touring Band Per job 2,000-25,000
Street Performer Per Day 25-75



Job Duration Pay in Credits
Negotiation Team Per job 4,000-20,000
Mayor or Councilor Monthly salary 2,000-3,000
bureaucrat Monthly salary 2,000-5,000
Senator Monthly salary 10,000-20,000



Job Duration Pay in Credits
Lecturer Monthly salary 1,500-3,000
Subject-Matter Expert Per job 750-5,000
Researcher Monthly salary 2,000-8,000
Mediator Per job 2,000-5,000



Job Duration Pay in Credits
BOSS Scout Monthly salary 2,000-3,000
Wild Space Scout Monthly salary 2,000-5,000
Unknown Regions Scout Monthly salary 3,000-8,000



Job Duration Pay in Credits
Smuggling Trafficking Per Job 2,500-5,000
Smuggling Cargo Per job See Below Table
Smuggling Passengers Per job 500-10,000

Smuggling Cargo Payout

When determining the cargo payout the pay received is a percentage of the value of the cargo being smuggled

Cargo Payout

Rarity Restricted Unrestricted
4-5 10% 5%
6-7 25% 10%
8-9 30% 25%
10+ 50% 30%


Job Duration Pay in Credits
Basic Demolitions Job Per job 500-2,000
Expert Demolitions Job Per job 2,000-5,000
Average soldier Monthly Salary 500-1,000
Non-commissioned Officer Monthly Salary 1,000-3,000
Military Officer Monthly Salary 2,000-10,000



Job Duration Pay in Credits
Mechanic Monthly salary 1,000-2,000
Droid Tech Per job 500-2,000
Slicer Per job 500-5,000

Payment Modifiers

Circumstance Modifier
Each Triumph or 3 Advantage on Negotiation check +10%
Each Success on Negotiation check +5%
Each Despair or 3 Threat on Negotiation check -10%
Each Failure on Negotiation check -5%
Destination under Imperial Blockade +20%
Destination under Criminal or other blockade +10%
PCs complete job earlier than contracted +10% per day early
PCs complete job later than contracted -10% per day late
PCs loose cargo or fail objective -10% or more


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