A New Apprecation for RPGs

“Legends of the Galaxy to me has shown a new appreciation for rpgs and Star Wars in general. It has opened me to a more creative way to think and helped me get back into writing.”

- Zach Benson

One of the best RPGs

“Legends of the Galaxy is a wonderful connection outlet to meet people while playing one of the best RPGs by FFG – Star Wars RPG.”

- Jay Gellerman

Family Friendly

“I was very impressed how Legends of the Galaxy made their game events very family friendly.  People of all ages and experience levels were allowed to play.  The Game Master was very inviting and friendly.  He helped me and my kids learn how to play the game.  I highly recommend the community game events for anyone looking to bond with their kids over fun Star Wars Games.”

- Katie Elizabeth

More Immersive

“I have been a serious fan of Star Wars since seeing the original in the theater at age 5.  Forty years later, Legends of the Galaxy (and FFG’s Star Wars role playing game) was my first introduction to tabletop role playing games. Legends of the Galaxy provided me with a new, more immersive, and more creative way to explore the world of Star Wars, and also sparked a new interest in tabletop gaming more generally.  It’s excellent!!”

- Roy T Cook

Professor of Philosophy University of Minnesota

Schedule Permitting

“I like that I have the freedom to drop in or out of any ongoing games as my schedule permits without ruining my or someone else’s fun. Both Legends of the Galaxy and the Star Wars Roleplaying system itself supports it.”


- Tim

Opportunity to Create Stories

“Legends of the Galaxy gave me the opportunity to create stories and experience adventures in my favorite Galaxy Far, Far Away.  The team at Legends of the Galaxy really helped me learn how to play the game and created a very fun environment for new gamers.”

- Steph Sinclair

Member of the 501st

 GM’s are welcoming

“Legends of the Galaxy is an endearing community. Many folks will find growth and encouragement if they are newcomers, there is no worry if you are new to the system because the GM’s are welcoming and willing to teach. Many veteran players attend the ranks of the community, beacons to what players strive to become. Characters rise to overcome obstacles and are unflinching in the face of danger, hopefully without being at the wrong end of a blaster. The several years of experience I have played has given me the opportunity to see both characters and players grow. Many people have sought creative solutions to difficult problems, while others take a more “shoot first, ask questions later” approach. In the end, we tell a collective story that will be heard in cantinas across the galaxy.”

- Tadao Aoto

Expands the Imagination

“Excellent way for players craving to experience the FFG Star Wars RPG Universe be you a rogue, rebel, or force user. As FFG expands it’s line, Legends of the Galaxy expands the imagination and adventure even further. TeeKay has spoken!.”

- Eric Anderson

Experience Your Characters

“I love being able to use the same charactrers in any open games.  It allows you to experience your characters in all types of situations.”

- Mike Weigt

Fulfilled a Childhood Dream

“I’ve been playing RPGs since I was a kid and Star Wars has been my favorite setting since I saw it in the theater. This community has allowed me to fulfill a childhood dream of playing a Jedi all the way from Initiate to Master over the course of 5 years. They’re a great bunch of players with a sincere love for the game and the lore. I’ve never had a bad experience with Legends of the Galaxy.”

- Eric Voner Chase

Consistently FUN

“I’ve been playing in the Legends of the Galaxy Roleplaying Community for 5 years.  The level of polish put into the modules for organized play has always impressed me; it’s often significantly better than similar material from other organizations. The group rules are sensible and the GM’s are great, the narrative dice for the system are particularly excellent in producing a consistently FUN experience every time you sit down to play and that is something to be said in RolePlaying!”

- Noah Young

Makes learning the game great!

“Being able to play in a pickup game when I was normally not able to due to family restrictions is great.  The ease of use of the Legends of the Galaxy game records as well as the wealth of info on the website makes learning the game great.”

- Brian Martin

Really Enjoys the Community!

“I have been a Star Wars RPG fan since back in the 1980s.  Legends of the Galaxy gave me a new experience on the Star Wars Roleplaying Game that I don’t get from anywhere else.  The Game Masters are creative, welcoming, and fun. I really enjoy the community!”

- Rick Rietow

MN Fan Force