Death Watch Warrior

The Kana Meriet was a foundling of the Mandalorian Way of life. She was a very talented individual who caught the attention of Gar Saxxon. He took her under his wing and taught her what it means to be a Mandalorian. So she relocated from her homeworld of Mandalore to Concord Dawn where she joined Death Watch.

Force Adherent - Brom

Former member of the Guardian of the Whills, Brom fights to maintain the teachings of the Whill and work to stop the spread of the Galactic Empire.

Force Emergent - Satto

Satto has dark ebony skin and short neatly cut hair. He has a youthful face and at times seems to be a bit nervous.

Force Exile - So’raa

So’raa was once Sob’re a Twi’lek Youngling of the Jedi Order. This was before the dark time, before the Empire. She was almost of age to be selected to become a Padawan Learner when Darth Vader marched into the Jedi Temple and exterminated the order. Sob’re survived only with the help of a member of the Antarian Rangers who worked with the Jedi.

Imperial Academy Cadet - CD-4935

Fresh out of the Imperial Academy for Pilots CD-4935 also known as Dac is Carida’s latest top pilot.

Nightsister - Tal’zu Raa Nu

Her pure white skin, glowing green eyes, and shaved head give Tal’zu Raa Nu a frightening look.

Padawan Survivor - Sorsha

Just days after being selected as a Jedi Padawan the Clone Wars came to an end as did the Jedi Order. Republic Clone Soldiers turned on the Jedi. Sorsha’s Master helped her escape by holding them off. This left Sorsha on the run in a very unfriendly location.

Pirate - Charzo Shika

Business man who lost everything and turned to Piracy to try and get it back. In the end he became a Pirate himself stealing from others to recover what was lost.

Recruit - Nautolas

Nautolans may breatheunderwater without penalty and never suffermovement penalties for traveling throughwater.

Republic Navy Officer - Helga Bree

The Republic Navel Officer known as Helga Bree is a shining example of leadership.  With her Command the Seperatists have little chance of winning the Clone Wars.

Republic Representative - Premiere Extre

The former ally of the Emperor now political opponent, Premiere Extre will stand at nothing to crush his political rivals.

Retired Clone Trooper - CT-1138 "Lucas"

The Retired Clone Trooper could not handle the quiet life of farming and returned to the theater of war to train a new generation of soldiers.

Scavenger - Zin Kudri

Harsh Upbringing: Dathomirians begin the game with one rank of the Outdoorsman Talent

Senator - Tas Gallin

Tas grew up in some rough waters on Karkaris, but learning about the Republic convinced her to support it and go into politics. She’s known for fiery speeches to gather support for the war effort,

Separatist Commander - Sabra Sol

Nobel of Serenno turned CIS Seperatist Commander in charge of Research and Development during the Clone Wars.

Ship Captain - Raynah Taggart

The young, enthusiastic, Smuggler Captain out to prove them self known as Raynah Taggart has spent a life time traveling the stars.