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Legal Resources for Play

Legal Resources for Play:

Fantasy Flight Games offers a wide range of rich, informative sourcebooks that further explore the game rules for the Star Wars Galaxy. These books provide a huge variety of options to customize your one-of-a-kind character. All printed Star Wars Roleplaying Books from Fantasy Flight Games are allowed for legal use in Legends of the Galaxy Roleplaying Experience Events. Any contacts, enemies, adventures, equipment, alien species, or starships listed on the official website are also open for play.

Players are allowed to photocopy/scan the page with the specialization out of their Core Rulebook and use that when playing. This is limited only to the Specializations in the CORE Rule Books and none of the Rules Supplement books. (No pirated PDFs, guys.)

  • Edge of the Empire
    • Edge of the Empire Beginner Game
    • Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook
    • Edge of the Empire Game Master's Kit
    • Enter the Unknown
    • Suns of Fortune
    • Dangerous Covenants
    • Far Horizons
    • Fly Casual
    • Lords of Nal Hutta
    • Special Modifications
    • No Disintegrations
    • Beyond the Rim
    • The Jewel of Yavin
    • Mask of the Pirate Queen
    • Under a Black Sun
    • Long Arm of the Hutt
  • Age of Rebellion
    • Age of Rebellion Beginner Game
    •  Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook
    • Age of Rebellion Game Master's Kit
    • Stay on Target
    • Desperate Allies
    • Strongholds of Resistance
    • Lead by Example
    • Forged in Battle
    • Onslaught of Arda I
    • Friends Like These
    • Operation Shadowpoint
    • Rescue at Glare Peak
  • Force and Destiny
    • Force and Destiny Beginner Game
    • Force and Destiny Core Rulebook
    • Force and Destiny Game Master's Kit
    • Keeping the Peace
    • Endless Vigil
    • Nexus of Power
    • Savage Spirits
    • Chronicles of the Gatekeeper
    • Lure of the Lost
    • Ghosts of Dathomir
    • Disciples of Harmony
  • Force Awakens
    • Force Awakens Beginner Game
    • A Call for Heroes

Additional Resources

Other unofficial Star Wars RPG resources are available for legal play in Legends of the Galaxy. These include the various adventures, equipment noted here on the Legends of the Galaxy website. Game Masters are allowed to write their own adventures as legal for play in private games. Public play is restricted to the below list of additional resources. Game Masters are heavily encouraged to submit their privately written adventures to Legends of the Galaxy to become available for Legal Public Game Play. 

  • Legends of the Galaxy Website
  • Legends of the Galaxy Character Award Cards
  • Legends of the Galaxy Adventure Lots
  • Legends of the Galaxy Kessel Run Special Event Adventure
  • Legends of the Galaxy Recovery Operation Adventure Module
  • Spark of Rebellion -  Click Here
  • Unofficial Species Menagerie -  Click Here
  • Tales from the Edge of the Empire -  Click here
  • Enemy of my Enemy
  • Rebel Break Out
  • Shadow over Tarkintown
  • No Safe Haven
  • Tatooine Manhunt
  • Strike Force Shantipole
  • Starfall
  • Force Explorer
  • OggDude's Character Generator -  Click Here
  • Fire Across the Galaxy -  Click Here
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