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Join the Legends of the Galaxy Community Discussion Boards. Here you can meet other players, chat about the roleplaying game or Star Wars in general, post your characters talking about their exploits and much, much more….

Legends of the Galaxy Discord Channel

Join our Legends of the Galaxy Discord Channel where you can instant message other community members, play online games, get involved in play-by-post, network, and much, much more….

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Legends of the Galaxy maintains an online Roll20 server for players and Game Masters to run events through. In Roll20 we have a Star Wars RPG dice roller and many online tools to help support your games….

Find Local Players Near You

Star Wars: Legends of the Galaxy has a google map that highlights the general location of all of our Players and Game Masters. This allows you to look up other members of the community in your local area. By clicking on the pin you can get the Community Discussion Board username of the member and send them a direct message. This tool is meant to help you network and meet other local players for games….