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The OggDude Character Generator only works on Windows devices.  If you do not use a device that is windows based I suggest you try out a few other Star Wars Character Generators.  

Release notes

New/Changed Data:

      • Added all new information from “Cyphers and Masks”, including species, specializations, talents, duties, equipment and vehicles, motivations, backgrounds, signature abilities, droids, attachments, etc.

New Features/Enhancements:

      • In the Adversary/Companion editor, custom weapons may now specify a scale. This is to support the Model 20 Mini-Missile Pack for the E522 Assassin Droid from “Cyphers and Masks”.
      • In the data editor, when editing armor, you can now specify a 0 for min/max soak and defense. To do this, check the box next to the value. Whenever a value is greater than 0, this box will always be automatically be checked. If unchecked, a 0 will continue to mean that there is no min/max value.

Bug Fixes:

      • An error could occur when the Rewards panel was being created if source filtering eliminated all crafting improvements. This has been fixed. Also, if no rewards are available after source filtering, the Rewards button will be hidden.
      • If an adversary was given a talent that added HP to an item (such as Tinkerer), the GM Tools would crash when the adversary was selected. It will no longer do this.
      • On the Specialization pane, the title appeared too small. This has been fixed.
      • On the Signature Ability pane, the title appeared too small. This has been fixed.
      • In the Data Editor, the weapon editor dialog was not correctly auto-creating descriptions for new weapons. It will now do this.
      • In the Data Editor, auto-creation of item descriptions would not work properly if a source did not have a page number (which is optional). This will now work.
      • In the Data Editor, the Talent editor did not update the talent properly. New and modified talents will now be updated correctly.
      • In all forms, font sizes would sometimes appear too small. This was due to a modification in the way fonts sizes were validated. This should no longer happen.
      • The unarmed weapon was not being properly updated when an all-skill weapon modifier was available. This has been fixed.
      • If the unarmed weapon had been modified with added damage, this damage was not applied to other brawl weapons. This has been fixed.
      • The “Increase Passengers Capacity by Silhouette” mod was incorrectly increasing passengers by the encumbrance capacity. This has been fixed.
      • The Lightly Armored hull attachment for crafting had an incorrect optional mod. This has been fixed.
      • In the GM Tools, PC adversaries created for a PC with a talent that replaces the base characteristic of a skill (such as lightsaber techniques) would have the skill reset to the original characteristic. They will now retain the selected characteristic for that skill as set in the character generator.
      • In the Mod Editor dialog, if adding or editing a mod that was not for a weapon, checking the weapon modifier checkbox would still display mods for the base type in the dropdown. It will now switch to weapon mods, then switch back if the box is unchecked.
      • Attachment mods that should have been applied to weapon modifiers belonging to the attachment were not being applied. They should now be applied properly.