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This community was built by the administrators of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game (Star Wars RPG / SWRPG) Discord server to house content, resources, and new discussion for FFG’s prolific RPG series. The brunt of the content is made up from contributions to the FFG forum, submissions to the #game-resources channel in the Discord, and other collected and bookmarked resources by our contributors over the years.

A NEW Media Group for FFG Star Wars Roleplaying Game,
focused on bringing you great Star Wars RPG content on
YouTube, and other social media platforms. We aim to be
the #1 creators for SWRPG entertainment & education.

An affiliated Twitch Stream Channel that features Star Wars: Roleplaying Games and Dungeons and Dragons.

We are your on-call nerds for all gaming and digital content. We play, watch, and review: Movies, Videogames, Board/Tabletop Games, Role Playing Games, Books, and Series.

A top tier gaming component producer specializing in miniatures and tokens. They specialize in 3D printing of both plastic and resin models. Create engaging tabletop and roleplaying encounters.

– art design by Ansel Hsiao