The Opening Crawl of Season 1 of Legends of the Galaxy

With the destruction of the Jedi Order it appears their light has gone out of the galaxy.  Now the EVIL GALACTIC EMPIRE and its Imperial Inquisitors turn their attention to the remaining FORCE TRADITIONS across the GALAXY.  Recently they laid waste to the BARAN DO SAGES leaving only a page boy to pick up the ashes.  This boy will become, THE BARON.
The last remnants of the FORCE is almost all but lost.  Only the CHURCH OF THE FORCE remains on a quest to secure any of this lost knowledge.  Lead by a man known as Lor San Tekka, his members venture across the galaxy to save what knowledge remains.  
As the Rebellion reals from their recent Victory with the destruction of the DEATH STAR they must now turn to locate a new home for the Rebellion.  In this dark time the Empire looks forward towards the construction of their new battle station.
With WAR and CHAOS raging across the galaxy old rivalries have begun to arise.  As a HUTT CARTEL TURF WAR has broken out.  This has left no place for the common Galactic Citizen to be safe.
THE BARON has begun assembling his intelligence network in the underworld looking for any survivors of the THE GREAT PURGE in hopes he could restore the BARAN DO SAGES and get his revenge against the GALACTIC EMPIRE.  In an effort to participate in open REBELLION, THE BARON has started his own Rebel Cell.  Lastly he has made contact and a partnership with THE CHURCH OF THE FORCE in an effort to restore the FORCE to its former glory.
Now our HEROES must rise to become, Legends of the Galaxy…


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Author: NicoJMont

Creator of the Star Wars: Legends of the Galaxy Roleplaying Community